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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Beautiful Craft from Cafeiere - made by Jean

Miss Chalon, Mrs Charles & Mrs St Rose at the Tribute to Sabby

"Friends of Lorne" Team from Daban

"Liming with Lorne" in Saltibus







Tuesday, March 29, 2011


After JMD's death, Bruce Tucker went to his mother (who worked at Vigie at that time) to demand his share of his father's wealth; and when she did not comply to his demand, he ruthlessly broke the poor lady's arm. Can you imagine this: a son breaking his mother's arm? What else can he not do to her or to anybody for that matter?
An email writer to this blog had this to say: “The act of breaking your mother’s arm is worse than murder, worse than grand theft auto, worse than identity fraud; it is the worst crime a human being can commit. It surpasses any prison sentence that he may have served” – email writer from Saltibus

Perhaps, that consequences and afterthoughts of that cruel act may be even worse than the actual act itself, for it is an act that cannot be undone; it is also a violation of the fifth commandment which says “Honour thy Mother and thy Father”. I empathise with the poor lady as she struggles to come to terms with the blows she got from her own son! 

After the incident, she claimed that informed certain members of the Party but they did nothing about it. Days later, she went to the Castries Market to tell her story to the Choiseul vendors and to warn them against voting the "villain" who callously broke her arm.

The genuine, conscientious voter who genuine loves his mother and knows about that atrocious act will not support Bruce Tucker and will have nothing to do with him. That’s why he can’t muster a decent campaign team! 

Secondly, his violation of the laws of the state by "defrauding the treasury" for his political campaign also tells us about his fraudulent nature. He does the things that Duvalier did to Haiti and Idi Amin did to Uganda. How else could he have bought a 2-million dollar condo at the landings on a $10,000 salary? The signature of fraud and theft is written all over that property.

Thirdly, when the whole world is running away from Kaddafi, he is running to him. Kaddafi is a murderer, a killer of his own people; he is wanted man by the international community; so why would we want to be his friend. Why would Tucker want money from a dictator with blood on his hands? Doesn't that tell us something about the type of man he is? I understand, even SCL no longer want to work for him for fear of reprisals against the USA and its allies. Why would we in Choiseul/Saltibus want him to represent us in the House of Parliament? Whys isn't the party firing that criminal?

But, it's all about the insecurity, femininity and weakness of a party leader who was forced at almost gunpoint by the Super 8 Gang to rehire Tucker back into Cabinet. The Super 8 is a cruel gang who hijacked the Party that Sir John formed.

Allegations are rife that the party leader is under duress and his hands are tied; he can be kicked, slapped and manipulated at will with impunity. Remember the killing which took place on the doorstep of his constituency office? There’s a school of thought that it might have been tied to the Super-8 Gang warning him about what lies ahead. He is a puppet who does not understand even the dangers that surround him.

As we move deeper into the Lenten season, let us all pray for the deliverance of our nation from the grips of evil! Choiseul, St. Lucia, let us do what we do best! Let us pray for our nation!

Let us pray for the Hurricane victims who have no homes and are still suffering. Let us pray for deliverance from the hard times! Let us pray for the poor people who can’t make it! Let us pray for the young and the elderly for their sufferings.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Tribute to Sabby: Resounding Success.

Collage of Sabby designed by Kai-Jones Biscette
The "Tribute to Sabby" event was the brainchild of Dr Augustin Charles and Mc Arthur Phillip and was initially scheduled to take place on February 21-22nd at Victoria, Choiseul. But time constraints and other logistic issues brought about both changes in the date and venue.

The event was therefore rescheduled for Choiseul Village on Sunday, March 27.

Kudos must be given to the ‘Tribute to Sabby’ committee (Pearline Fontenard, Aurea Lionel, Madonna, Mc Arthur Phillp and Augustin Charles) for a job well done. Several meetings were held over a three month period and each team member played an important role.

The Drums echoed through the streets of Choiseul

The Ministry of Social Transformation, Youth and Sports, Cultural Development Foundation, Folk Research centre, Piton Beer must be complimented for their support.

Lapa Kabwit, Dèzagwèyab, Tambu Mèlè, Yatika, Niger Nestor, Meshack, Giovani Moses, Thecla Fontenard, Carlton Ishmael etc must all be complimented for their sterling performances!


Recognition is also due to Kai Jones-Biscette for producing a beautiful collage of Sabby; kudos must also go to the crafters from Cafeiere, Choiseul for their participation.

Musa and Tambu Melee rocked the Crowd
The ‘Tribute to Sabby’ Festival was a resounding success!

Musa brought the curtains down with fanfare and grace

Mac Arthur and Crew always kept a "tab on things"

A section of the crowd looks on

Even members of the planning committee were performers; for example, Ms Fontenard.

A keen, well-behaved and appreciative crowd took it in!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Mongouge Multipurpose Centre stalled
Bousquet told residents of Mongouge that he was building a state-of-the art multipurpose center costing $650,000 for them. A few months have elapsed since the project started and little is happening. We understand the project is now being audited for seeming irregularities, including the diversion of funds to campaign projects. We also understand that the residents of the Mongouge area in response are planning to write a letter to the SSDF as well as the Ministry of Social Transformation, Youth and Sports and the media highlighting their concerns about the naked irregularities associated with the project, undertaken on behalf of the district rep.

Bousquet trots up and down the constituency touting that he is a money man; then, why can’t he use some of this money to complete the project? If he claims he has the youth at heart, then why are monies allocated for the Mongouge project being diverted to undertake campaign projects on his behalf?

Meanwhile, the executing agency SSDF has been sitting idly by without ensuring that basic project implementing procedures are observed. Where is the project officer assigned to the project? Where is the “projection identification” signboard giving information about the executing and implementation agencies, cost, contractor and funding agency etc for the project? Why are there no transparency and accountability?

Will this project remain as unfinished business to be undertaken by Lorne?

Thursday, March 24, 2011



Darchy adds a whole new angle to the discussion: The role of the Choiseul Development Foundation
Morne Sion in full force to "Lime with Lorne" on Sunday Afternoon

Hon Dalson, Thaddeus Antoine, Lawrence Degazon listened attentively to Lorne he discusses his vision for making Choiseul and Saltibus great again! No bluff Talk!

Homelessness in Saltibus blamed on Cabinet - says Rufus Bousquet to Saltibus!


There is a paradigm-shift in St. Lucia politics these days. We have moved from a paradigm of "cost overruns" to a paradigm of "cost nothing-ah-run". This is the view of a young man from Saltibus who argued that during the reign of the Kenny Government, money ran like "dirt" and it was nine years of plenty. His argument was "cost" is measured in "money" and said where there is cost, there must be money and where there is money, there must be employment and development. He went to argue that during the reign of Kenny, money "overran" in people's pockets and there was progress and development.

But what has happened since King? Nothing! It has been 5 years of famine for St. Lucia and nothing has run! Hence, the new word in town is "cost nothing-ah-run".
Nothing ah run for nobody! Nothing ah run for the youth who are leaving school. Nothing ah run for the development of this country. Nothing ah run for taxi-drivers; nothing ah run for the minibus operators; nothing ah run for the farmers and the fishermen; nothing ah run for the Tomas victims; nothing ah run  for the poor; nothing ah run  for Tourism; nothing ah run for the shopkeepers and the bars; nothing ah run for mothers and fathers etc etc.

We have moved from nine years of plenty under Kenny to five years of nothing under King! Is that what we deserve for government?


The news around the constituency is Bousquet is crying. Some people believe it’s genuine; others believe its sheer crocodile tears. According to our sources, he was literally in tears over the weekend claiming that untruths were being peddled "all over the internet" about him. Sources close to him reveal that he was particularly unnerved by the news about his abuse of his mother which many observers rate as a greater transgression than his federal convictions.

It is apparent that many Choiseulians seem to know the details of the story of Rufus and his mother. It is alleged that she first broke it to a well-known politician and then to the Choiseul vendors at the Castries Market who she warned against voting for her own son.

Bousquet's horrible past is undoubtedly unfolding by the day and apparently, his strategy to hoodwink the Choiseul/Saltibus constituents by selling himself as a "Good Samaritan" with "good looks" is failing; and, in that regard, he is not just "behind the curve" but also "behind the eight ball". As his largely unknown history unfolds, almost all Choiseul/Saltibus is getting insights into his art of con-manship. We can say thank God for the Internet, Choiseulians are lot wiser now. We can easily log on to the Federal Bureau of Prisons Website, click on inmate locator, search Rufus Bousquet and prove his criminal past.

In the past, politicians have literally got away with "murder" because the electorate failed to exercise due diligence and do the required political audits of the candidates imposed on them. The Choiseul PowerHouse aims to change that trend completely. Our aim is not to give timid coverage to any politician for money or reward; but to expose the facts to the electorate.

As a matter of editorial policy, we wish to make it abundantly clear that we will fearlessly bring all issues touching on Choiseul/Saltibus to the fore. No story will be too big or too small to publish, as long as we believe it is relevant.

Moreover, we put a premium on investigative journalism for the purpose of enlightening our citizens; we will take to task anyone or any network who attempts to brainwash our citizens, especially for votes. Buying votes should never be part of our democratic formula.

Today, after 22 years  (1989 – 2011) in Choiseul, Bousquet still has to go on his knees, doing house-to-house campaign, offering people money for votes. It is a sad state of affairs for our democracy.

Now, he hardly spends anytime in office, earning a fat salary for doing nothing. Constituents report that he is now 24/7 on the ground, cheating the taxpayers who cry every day. Now it is his turn to cry!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Watch out Choiseul! Criminals on the loose . . .

It is clear that we Choiseulians have a proclivity to be ultra-hospitable. We tend to go out of our way to make strangers feel at home to the point where we have gullibly elected an ex-convict to be our parliamentary representative.

But the world is changing these days; and we have to start thinking about taking our hospitality too far. Criminals, driven from the North, are now invading the South and even the police have become targets, much less the ordinary citizen.

On Thursday, a Suziki Vitara jeep containing three occupants pulled up about a hundred away from an isolated residence belonging to a police officer.  The occupants on the vehicle were two males and one 15-year secondary female student from Babonneau.

The targeted house seemed vacant; so the lone female occupant emerged from the vehicle and sauntered towards the house whereupon she knocked on the door and greeted “Good Day”. There was no response. At that point, the two male companions quickly disembarked the vehicle and joined her whereupon they started to make their way into the building.

But the building was not empty; and the occupant inside heard the unusual, eerie commotion. When she peeped outside, she saw the thieves busily forcing their way inside. She didn’t panic; she quickly grabbed her phone and called the police. The robbers escaped but not for long as they picked up by the Southern police.

In the end, a large quantity of stolen items and one firearm loaded with three rounds of ammunition were recovered.

They will be tried in a magistrate Court in Soufriere on Monday, March 21.

Meanwhile, we must applaud Sergeant Albert Charlery for a job well done. Since he came to Choiseul, there has been a noticeably stricter enforcement of the law, especially as it relates to traffic.

We wish him the best.

In the meantime, Choiseulians be prepared for more to come and if you should have a similar encounter, act sensibly but with extreme caution! If you can’t install security cameras, perhaps it’s a good time to start putting together neighbourhood watch systems. With the proliferation of illegal guns around, your life may be on the line!

So be extra careful!

Largest full moon in 18 years tonight

The largest full moon in 18 years will be visible tonight.  This occurs when the full moon coincides with the closest point to the earth. Dr Shirin Haque, University of the West Indies (UWI) physics professor and astronomer said the moon orbits the earth in an elliptical orbit, causing it to be closer and further away at different times.  

Dr Shirin Haque
“When a full moon coincides with the closest point to the earth the moon looks significantly larger by some 14 per cent and almost one third brighter.  This is called the perigee of the moon,” she said. “Do look out for it especially as it rises around sunset in the east as the moon illusion will add to the magnificence of the moon of this larger than normal full moon,” Haque said.
Haque said she has  received e-mail queries over whether the “supermoon” this weekend could have had anything to do with the recent earthquake in Japan. “Moons do not trigger natural disasters. The “super moon” of March 1983, passed without incident and another ‘super’  moon in December 2008 also proved harmless.

Tides will be higher as well,  understood and predicted by science. So, like the many other sensationalism type emails citing selective information reaching our inbox, this one has no sound scientific basis.” Haque said the last week has been witness of the power that the planet Earth can unleash with the unfortunate events such as the earthquake in Japan, with the domino effects of the tsunami and then the hazard created by a damaged nuclear reactor.

She said: “Some have wondered if the events in Japan could have any effects in the Caribbean.  We continue to be lucky – with the Caribbean located some 15,000 km away from Japan, (that) leaves us essentially unaffected by the events there. The danger zones for radiation are in the order of tens of kilometres from the site of radiation. Wind-blown material could travel further but will suffer dilution effects to render it essentially insignificant to us here.”


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Choiseul says: Thumbs Up the United Nations Security Council

 Today must be considered a defining moment in the history of human rights and democracy, thanks to the Arab League and the UN Security Council  which voted for a “No-fly zone” over Libya to protect the Libyan people from further massacre and genocide by Muammar Gaddafi and his government.

The Arab League and specifically the USA must be complimented for their leadership in that regard. The US was initially ambivalent but we expected the greatness of Obama to emerge and save the people of Libya from the carnage taking place there.

In true democracies, governments listen to the voice of their people, especially if it is “the voice of reason” and they act accordingly.

Chancellor Merkel is a fine example in that regard. She listened to the voice of the German people and acted proactively to shut down 7 nuclear plants built before 1980 to avert a potential nuclear catastrophe of the order of what Japan is facing now.

Colonel Gaddafi apparently is not endowed with that wisdom; and instead of listening to the voice of his people for democratic reforms, he embarked on a mass murder campaign on a scale approaching genocide, slaughtering and crushing his “subjects” on an unprecedented scale.

Democracies around the world initially played the usual “diplomatic game” of condemnation; but that outpouring of condemnation only seemed to have excited the repressive Gaddafi to intensify his genocidal instincts. He was on a mission to wipe out pro-democracy freedom fighters from the face of Libya perhaps on the scale of the Holocaust by Hitler.

While western democracies were attempting to accelerate towards a solution to the unfolding catastrophe in Libya, the government of St. Lucia was in a “state of inertia”. According to the Foreign Minister, Rufus Bousquet, St. Lucia would simply sit back and observe despite the genocide. The question is: What message did St. Lucia send to the world? Why would any government with a sense of humanity be in a “state of inertia of rest” when governments around the world were mobilizing against the crimes against humanity by Gaddafi? Is it simply because Gaddafi promised “30 pieces of Libyan silver” in aid? Should St. Lucia accept any form of aid from the Gaddafi Government which has so much blood on its hands?

The St. Lucia government has been in a state of inertia and has been stuck in a black hole which has stalled the economy and destroyed national pride.

We in Choiseul want to world to know that we support resoundingly the decision to have a “no-fly zone” imposed over Libya as a first initiative to halt the genocide of the Libyan people by Gaddafi. We also want to express solidarity with the pro-democracy movement in Libya and implore our brothers and sisters in Libya to stand up against the injustices and atrocities by Gaddafi.

We also wish to apologise for the diplomatic folly of our foreign Minister Rufus Bousquet, who also happens to be our parliamentary representative.

Accept our deepest condolences for the lives of the heroes you have lost.

May God bless you all.