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Monday, March 28, 2011

Tribute to Sabby: Resounding Success.

Collage of Sabby designed by Kai-Jones Biscette
The "Tribute to Sabby" event was the brainchild of Dr Augustin Charles and Mc Arthur Phillip and was initially scheduled to take place on February 21-22nd at Victoria, Choiseul. But time constraints and other logistic issues brought about both changes in the date and venue.

The event was therefore rescheduled for Choiseul Village on Sunday, March 27.

Kudos must be given to the ‘Tribute to Sabby’ committee (Pearline Fontenard, Aurea Lionel, Madonna, Mc Arthur Phillp and Augustin Charles) for a job well done. Several meetings were held over a three month period and each team member played an important role.

The Drums echoed through the streets of Choiseul

The Ministry of Social Transformation, Youth and Sports, Cultural Development Foundation, Folk Research centre, Piton Beer must be complimented for their support.

Lapa Kabwit, Dèzagwèyab, Tambu Mèlè, Yatika, Niger Nestor, Meshack, Giovani Moses, Thecla Fontenard, Carlton Ishmael etc must all be complimented for their sterling performances!


Recognition is also due to Kai Jones-Biscette for producing a beautiful collage of Sabby; kudos must also go to the crafters from Cafeiere, Choiseul for their participation.

Musa and Tambu Melee rocked the Crowd
The ‘Tribute to Sabby’ Festival was a resounding success!

Musa brought the curtains down with fanfare and grace

Mac Arthur and Crew always kept a "tab on things"

A section of the crowd looks on

Even members of the planning committee were performers; for example, Ms Fontenard.

A keen, well-behaved and appreciative crowd took it in!

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