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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Choiseul celebrates Emancipation Day 2012 with the over-arching theme “The people who came”.

The celebration which has three components begins on July 31 with a panel discussion at the Piaye Primary School. The panelists include Huggins Nicholas (Lawyer/historian), Tania Elias (Educator/Historian) and Russell Jean (Community Organiser from Parc Estate). The moderator is Mc Arthur Phillip, the Social Transformation Officer.

The Prime Minister was slated to make an appearance but indications are this is highly unlikely because of his absence from state; but we expect Acting PM, Phillip J. Pierre to fill in the slot on behalf of the PM. The Parliamentary representative/Minister for Tourism and the Creative Industries is expected to be in attendance.

The theme for the panel discussion is “What makes us St. Lucians?” – a sub theme from the “People Who Came”. We expect excellent presentations from the panelists who are all very qualified to speak on the subject.

Following the discussion, there will be cultural presentations featuring “drumming” virtuoso “Gibbs” from Piaye.

The celebration continues on August 1 with a Talk and a concert in the Village. The talk will be an exposition of the theme by Tania Elias.  The concert will include cultural performances which define us as St. Lucians plus inspirational music by Meshach, Kintu and Unity Band.

The third component is a “poverty-reduction” project in Parc Estate funded by a corporate citizen.

"Kudos" is in order for the planning committee headed Mrs Imogene Mitchell. The Committee was largely "multidisciplinary" and "cross-cultural" in nature, and in many ways mirrored the theme “The People Who Came”. It approached its task in a highly focused way, undertaking field visits, radio promotion, issuing press releases etc.

Once again, congratulations to Mrs Mitchell and her crew for a job well done!

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