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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


By Daily Mail Reporter

He was a penniless manservant who became the sole beneficiary of Lord Glenconner's island paradise.

Now Kent Adonai, 48, has had the peer's 27-acre Beau estate on St Lucia in the Caribbean valued at £20million and intends to begin selling off the land plot by plot.

Princess Margaret's friend Lord Glenconner, 83, died last year – and his shocked wife of 54 years, Lady Anne, then discovered he had changed his will to leave everything on the island to faithful Mr Adonai.

Now Mr Adonai, who grew up in a shanty town and served the peer for 30 years, has confided in friends that he plans to sell everything left by the man known locally as Colin Tennant.

A close friend said last night: 'Kent wants to sell the estate and start afresh. He no longer feels he fits in.

'He was at Tennant's beck and call every minute for 30 years. He slept on the floor, cooked for him, bathed him and nursed him.

'No wonder Tennant left everything for him. Now his best friend is no longer around. Kent wants to move back to the capital Castries, where he was raised.'

Lady Anne believed her husband was bequeathing his fortune to his 17-year-old grandson and heir Cody, the new Baron Glenconner. Last week it was revealed that Cody, who is at school in Edinburgh, will receive more than 200,000 from Mr Adonai after an appeal from Lady Anne 'to do the right thing'.

It is understood the money comes from the auctioning of a 38-carat emerald pendant that belonged to an Indian prince. It was among the contents of Lord Glenconner's beachside house, which Mr Adonai auctioned last month at Bonhams in London, raising more than £1million

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