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Thursday, January 13, 2011


A few weeks ago, the POWERHOUSE corrected a big BLUFF which was being spread on Rufus Bousquet's (aka Bruce Tucker) blog. The bluff was the construction of a mini-stadium on the La Fargue Playing Field – one of the largest playing grounds in St. Lucia. Upon a site visit and subsequent analysis by our consulting engineers, they informed us that the proposed mini-stadium was actually a STAND; and that because of the large size of the field, the smallest mini-stadium – in the true sense of the word – would theoretically cost well in excess of EC$10 million. However, in their assessment, they were cautious to advise that even the figure of EC$10 million was hypothetical because the actual  project cost would depend on a number of factors; and no sane engineer or authority would propose the construction of any infrastructure (sporting or otherwise) using current MP's model; and because the design, costing and construction of a stadium is a strict engineering exercise, it has to follow an engineering model which we explained in an earlier article.

The entire POWERHOUSE diaspora was enlightened about the proposed political bluff of the mini-stadium. In fact one blogger humorously wrote: “let Tucker build the stand with his EC$1.5 million and name it the Tucker stadium.”

Once again, the Powerhouse has to correct another bluff. We have a moral responsibility to our readers at home and in the diaspora to not only to provide correct information but also to correct false information being disseminated about our dear and beloved community. We love Choiseul/Saltibus and we do not feel good when persons with selfish political agendas spread false news or information about us.

Mongouge Multi-purpose Centre Bluff
The Mongouge multipurpose Centre which was conceptualised  a few years ago, soon after it was ravaged by a freak storm is another bluff/lie propagated on Bruce Tucker Blog:
“Mongouge Multi-purpose Centre - a masterpiece: Bousquet has once more kept his word. Sometime last year during a tour of the delapidated community centre at Mongouge, he promised the residents that he is going to build a muti-purpose centre for them. The critics did not take him serious. For the past few months work has been onging at a rapid pace to see the completion of this state of the art centre in this picturesque community. According to the contractor this facility will house a library,an auditorium ,an IT section, a kitchenette and a conference room. Magnificent! Mongouge will rise again.”

Correction: BOUSQUET (TUCKER) NEVER BUILT THE MONGOUGE CENTRE. Widely known as St. Lucia’s “Minister for Ti Canal”, instead of building proper roads, Tucker continues to deface our beautiful landscape with ubiquitous footpaths built with illegal Taiwanese Funds. We have said over and over that – even if we are rural, country people and that we are poor - we are not second class citizens in our country; and that this “Ti Canal” model of development is not appropriate  for our needs and it is a gross insult to our intelligence and integrity We need the same quality of road infrastructure that the people of Cap Estate and Castries enjoy. 

In addition, we will not allow these projects of bluff to brainwash us. In fact we believe, given a chance, Tucker and Choo would perhaps break all of our roads and convert them into “Chemin Ti canal” for fattening the pockets of a few functionaries while the masses languish in poverty and despair; but we will not allow that to happen.

The Mongouge Multipurpose Centre is being built by the Saint Lucia Social Development Fund (SSDF) with standard community facilities. In fact, it is a near duplicate of what was there before. 

The Mongouge Multipurpose Centre was part of a New Initiative called the “Mongouge Renewal Programme” designed by the Ministry of Social Transformation. It comprised three (3) separate but related projects: the other two were (a) “Water Upgrade for Mongouge” to resolve the perennial water crisis the "Mongouge region" (namely Victoria, Ravineau, Franciou and Esperance) and environs continue to face. This sub-project was earmarked be funded by the Caribbean Development Bank; (b) a series of “social interventions and experiments” that targeted the rehabilitation and empowerment of youth plagued with drug, psychosocial and/or unemployment problems. 

The modality for the construction of the centre was "community contracting"; but Tucker aborted the process that was designed to employ, train and rehabilitate the youth by forcing the hands of the Director to give a direct contract to his Campaign Manager. Hence, what was designed to bring about massive employment relief to Mongouge (and the surrounding areas of Ravineau, Ponyon, Morne Sion and Fiette) through community contracting was reversed and destroyed by the hands of Bruce Tucker. 

But does Tucker want to bring social order, peace  and economic prosperity to Mongouge? Does he want to solve the many social and economic problems in Mongouge? The answer is categorically NO! Yet, his henchmen constantly try to pull wool over our eyes; but we will never allow that to happen.

We are making attempts to develop  an awareness of the problems facing the youth in Choiseul/Saltibus. We truly want to empower our youth and help them become more socially competent and socially responsible. It is against this background that we hope to show footage on this website of some of the atrocious practices that Tucker is propagating among the youth in Mongouge and Piaye. 

Stay tuned!

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  1. It is evident that Bousquet and his team continue to mislead the people of Choiseul and St Lucia by extension. They continue on their trial of lies and deceit. Is this the type of representation that we need for Choiseul. I don't think Choiseulians will give this man another opportunity to represent them again. Rufus it's time to go!