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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


This was posted on Bouquet's Election Blog on November 28.

"On Thursday November 25,2010 Bousquet held a meeting with members of the Choiseul Village Council to chart the way forward for the construction of the proposed mini stadium. In addition to the $830,000.00 already in an account at the Choiseul Credit Union Bousquet informed the Council of a further US$30,000.00, which isd a donation from the Portugese Government.

The total amount towards the construction of the stadium now stands at $911,000.00. An estimated target of $1.5M is the proposed target.

Bousquet went on to disclose his vision for the stadium. He sugested that he would like the two fields merge into one major complex with a learning centre,the stadium and a parking area.

A meeting has been slated with all stakeholders for Tuesday November 30, 2010. to chart
the way forward.

The Rep also disclosed to Council an allocation of $150,000.00 as aid to assist with the recovery effort of hurricane Tomas. This decision was taken at a Cabinet meeting held last Monday.

Incidentally today marks the 52nd birthday of the Rep and he couldn't more pleased that handing to Choiseulians the wonderful gift.

Happy Birthday Mr. District Rep! Also today is the birthday of the author of this blog and Lucy Nicholas."

What worries us (and indeed many Choiseulians) is that Bousquet/Tucker will not divulge the source of the funds for the construction of what he calls "Mini Stadium". Where did those funds come from? WHY IS HE ALLEGEDLY A SIGNATORY TO THE VILLAGE COUNCIL ACCOUNT? We also need to know the details of the Portuguese donation. We need to see the documentation. The question is: Was that the amount that he received? Why is there so much sinister secrecy about the Portuguese donation? Should it have been channeled to a dishonest politician? Were there any protocol breaches and what are the avenues for redress? Why does the District rep insist on being a signatory to the accounts for those monies? Is that right?

The PowerHouse is investigating an allegation about the allocation for the Playing Field. Was the allocation $1.5 million? And if that was the Case where is the other $670.000? Has in gone into an account belonging to Rufus Cenac, JMD 2nd or Bruce Tucker? This is one the many issues faced when a politician is a fraudster with multiple identities. It becomes very difficult to track his degree of accountability.

We have previously submitted that the Choiseul Playing field should not be a priority at this time, especially when many people all across the constituency are suffering from the effects of Tomas. $150,000 will do nothing. The people of Mongouge, Saltibus, Gertrine and many other areas need help to restore their lives in order.

In any case, the people of Choiseul/Saltibus need to know how this money is going to be spent. We hope it will not be campaign money for Bruce Tucker!

We are beginning to worry about the potential fraud that may be involved in the use of those monies.

Happy Birthday to my good friend Lucy and also to Gilo.



  1. There it goes again. Monies being dished out around the place with absolutely no accountability. I have to question the role of the integrity commission. Are they turning a blind eye whilst Helen turns into the corrupt capital of the West Indies. It is sad. Rufus is using his portfolio to cunningly channel monies into his different bank accounts. Opportunists around him have gone to war with moral values and are just happy to hear the talk of thousands whenever it comes about.I say that the people allowing this to continue are simply prostituting themselves. They are not Godly and display attitudes with zero moral conviction. Why don't they ask questions of this notorious MP instead of facilitating his clandestine meetings aimed at hurting logical thinking people and destroying ethical societies. What are they going to answer to their sibblings when they ask about the tenure of this MP. What will they answer the educated young leaders leaving school and zero avenues have been created for them to pursue their dreams. When will they realise that the MP is persistent in his efforts to demoralise weak Choiseulians and turn the birthplace of successful, ethical societal leaders into the 21st century Sodom and Gomorrah. I say NO to Rufus. We don't want your ungodly monies. We have seen what it brought to the "G_rboo", "W_lly", "Co_chie" and others. I say to Batman, return to Hollywood and please leave a Godly land for divine sons and daughters.

  2. You know what else is interesting; Bousquet has not reveal anything on this 'grand' project to the media. Why hasn't Bouquet invited HTS/DBS/ThinkTV and the rest of the media to Choiseul to publicize his 'good' intentions to the rest of St. Lucia? These guys publicize everything; if they seal a pothole in the road they bring the media. The covert manner in which this project is being developed definitely begs for an investigation.

  3. Can't we verify the amount of money Tucker got from the Portuguese? Yes, we can sir. I will email you a link that will enable you to verify. Check your email later.

  4. I believe Tucker got a lot more money. I have information that he got some monies from the Ministry of Community Development a few years ago to build a road for the people of Enba Coco in Dacretin; but never built it. These are questions he has to answer too!

  5. How come Bousquet/Tucker announced in La Fargue that the amount was $850,000 and his blog is reporting $830,000. Where has the $20,000 gone? You see, the bobol has started. The Village Council should disassociate itself with that kind of fraud.

  6. Another important question is where did this money come from? It did not appear in the last budget or in any budget for that matter, and how do moneys just flow in and out of our country and into the hands of a minister. Little wonder that Rufus can move into a million dollar condominium and own assets that are well beyond his declared means. An ordinary citizen would have been pursued. A message to Lorne. Dont be afraid, the people of this country are fed up with Rufus and we are rooting for you and praying for your success.