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Saturday, December 11, 2010

When will PM King stop political distribution of AIDS?

When will the politicisation of the distribution of AID stop? The Article below is reproduced from SAINT LUCIA NEWSONLINE to reflect the magnitude and gravity of the problems which face us in that regard.


“The political hijacking and distribution of Hurricane Tomas aid relief by Government Ministers and their political operatives is becoming quite alarming. First it was Senator Allen Chastanet trying to make political mileage out of the suffering of the Soufriere people, followed by Minister Richard Frederick’s commandeering of relief supplies for his supporters in the Central Castries Constituency.

Despite the concerns of Saint Lucian citizens on the partisan and discriminatory practices in distributing aid relief, two (2) other glaring cases have emerged in the last few days. Both relate to the Castries South East Constituency and involve unethical actions by the Parliamentary Representative – Mr. Guy Joseph. Food and water received last week from Guadeloupe was simply assigned to Mr. Guy Joseph on the tenuous excuse that his constituency was the closest to Castries that suffered serious damage. This is totally contradicted by the triple flooding in Faux a Chaux, which is just outside the seaport gate, and the damage done to The Morne, Ciceron and Goodlands, which are represented in Parliament by Dr. Robert Lewis.

Further, a television report on HTS showing trucks collecting relief supplies from a cruise ship docked in Castries and delivering it to the home of Minister Guy Joseph, is deeply disturbing. The claim that the aid is for distribution by the Castries South East Development Foundation does not disguise the partisan political intent of Mr. Joseph as it is well known that this foundation is the UWP Constituency Group by another name. Similarly styled foundations have been set up in several other UWP constituencies so as to corruptly receive Taiwanese funds, and they are now being used to misappropriate aid relief. This is a clearly unethical practice and the Saint Lucia Labour Party calls upon Prime Minister Stephenson King to put an immediate stop to such distasteful discrimination. It is just wrong and unacceptable for genuinely needy persons to be bypassed simply on the basis that they exercised their democratic right to support the SLP.

The Prime Minister has addressed the nation but he totally avoided this burning issue. However, his silence cannot continue as it will only serve to sully our reputation and jeopardize future aid relief. We must always remember that the aid is being donated to the country and all its people, not to Ministers and their operatives.”



  1. It is evident that this government is engaged in a number of unethical practices. They will sully our reputation and indeed jeopardize future aid relief. However what is more shocking is that Prime Minister King fails to address these burning issues, he just sweeps them under the carpet and thinks he can fool the people. Shame on this current government!

  2. these people are a disgrace, king him self is a disapointment, i fill so sad for my island, it is so out of control. where there have some wicked, greedy, selfish, vicious, SOB in power, but stand a sured GOD will deal with burn.