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Saturday, December 25, 2010


It is with a mixed sense of pride and humility, that I extend heartfelt Seasons Greetings to everyone within the Choiseul/Saltibus constituency, to their extended families both here and in the Diaspora. I am overwhelmed by the love, support and goodwill that has been showered upon me, since my transition to the realm of candidacy and the campaign that has ensued therefrom. In a nutshell, the experience thus far, although challenging has been nothing but amazing.

I owe this amazing experience to you, and to the safe hands of an experienced, nurturing and respected campaign team, made up of proud sons and daughters of our beloved community, who guide me as I endeavour to bring to our community the quality of representation that it truly deserves. For this all, I count myself as being blessed and eternally thankful to my creator.

As we enjoy this festive and traditional season, I cannot help but ponder on the rich traditional nature of our community. We believe that through striving we will reach the top. We believe unwaveringly in religion and our people attend church regularly in testament to this. We observe the traditional period of Lent, and engage in no outward celebrations during this period. We believe in strong family values, and it is to this that I attribute the relatively speaking crime free nature of our society, and the way that we draw together in a coudmain, to assist our fellow man. I also remember when our community with a sense of pride and togetherness won the now defunct ‘Plus Belle Village’ competition for in excess of a decade.

What this says about us as a people is that despite the odds that may confront us, we have the fortitude and resolve to aim for and achieve excellence, even when it looms dangerously in the jaws of despair. It is with this as a backdrop that I look with optimism towards the future where we work as a people united in the common purpose of achieving our dreams and making Choiseul/Saltibus the great place that it can be.

Over the past few months, you would have noted that I have been trekking our constituency in a very systematic way, accompanied by some of the best and most genuine minds and personalities that our community has produced. I have observed along with them the majestic natural beauty of the landscape of our community which is only rivaled by the beauty of our very own people. As a group we have and will continue to apply our minds towards initiatives that will improve our community as a whole, rather than selected and self serving persons within the community.

It is with this collective approach and vision, that we will transform the statistic that has grouped 1/3 of our community as poor. We must harness our resources both natural and physical and turn them into stories of success. We must move from the path that we are currently on, to a sound, planned and sustainable pattern of development which will endure to the benefit of the generations that are to come. Let us develop our people, industry and society. This is the approach of my campaign and campaign team. With your help and support we will systematically transform Choiseul/Saltibus in an organized and scientific way, whilst we observe and strengthen the traditions that are the root and fabric of us all.

As I shower you with all the best wishes of life, health and prosperity that I can humanly muster, I urge you to remember in your prayers and actions those who are less fortunate, and those that have lost their lives in the past year. 

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a bright and prosperous New Year. 

Yours Faithfully


  1. Way to go Lorne. I pray that this year you and your team experience the victory that you deserve.

  2. Well done, Lorne! There is sincerity and truth in your message. And even when you are on the campaign trail, you sound like a true statesman. I got a text from Tucker on December 25 wishing me a Merry Christmas. A few of my colleagues also got it. Judging from the number of us who got it, it looks like a "mass text" that he paid Lime to distribute. The guy has lost his bearing and can't even differentiate between his supporters and non-supporters anymore. He seems to still believe that I am part of his camp. I have moved on to Lorne. "Lorne is the man for we"

  3. Bousquet is cornered! I know he is concerned about maintaining his standard to fund his powder addiction. Yes Indeed, he was caught red-handed at his constituency office sniffing de ting! He had to go thru a dentition transplant because the powder messed him up! Next time you see him, check his bleached teeth. He has a new set of teeth because de "powder" spoiled his original.

    I want de police to put CCTV cameras in de constituency and they'll see for themselves

  4. Can somebody advise me? Did the district Rep deliver an Xmas message? I did not hear it?

  5. Do you really expect an Xmas message from the district Rep, Bousquet? Under Bousquet, Choiseul's good image has deteriorated tremendously. We hit an all time low when we found out that we had been 'con' into voting for an ex-con. Now, we can't even put on a simple event like Assou-Square". Where is Bousquet's influence on the business community? Why are sponsors shying away from this activity? Is the business community afraid to negotiate with a convicted felon? It's now or never, we need to restore pride and confidence to Choiseul. We need to get back our dignity. I look forward to Lorne representing us and bringing back the Assou-square event where I can go with my children to have a fun-filled day.