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Monday, October 10, 2011


Bousquet, despite his allegedly serious illness, paraded on the television circuit with puffed-up chest, vaingloriously proclaiming that he was ready for elections. What game-changer did Tucker have in his armoury  that suddenly gave him  the reason to radiate that bust of confidence?

Flambeau claimed to have rolled its election machinery and thought the exercise was a resounding success – so resounding that they were guaranteed victory.

For a week or two, the Choiseul/Saltibus constituency was buzzing with “Ti canal” action; every “perceived” able-bodied Flambeau follower had a job in tree-cutting, grass-cutting, drain-cleaning or drain construction. Admittedly, for the first time in five years, the exercise gave some hinterland communities a much needed face-lift; but while the drains and the verges were being kept, the road surfaces were falling apart with massive potholes looking like craters, and no attention was being paid to them.

Moreover, in spite of the Chou Ti-canal electioneering projects, many communities continue to suffer and fend for their own.

It is against this background that the POWERHOUSE will do a ridge-by-ridge analysis of each of the 17 ridges that comprise the Choiseul/saltibus landscape.

Today, we will begin with Daban.

Daban is a small community, but extremely beautiful community deep into the hinterlands of Saltibus. It is a narrow, elongated ridge with “escapades” on either side, giving any explorer a “sense of adventure”. Daban’s vulnerability was exposed after the passage of Tomas where mammoth landslips and a blocked bridge cut it off from the rest of St. Lucia. In fact, Daban residents can count themselves as having a close shave with death during the passage of Hurricane Tomas.


 Daban has a small population of only 170 persons and has produced some distinguished sons and daughters of the soil from the Marieatte, Antoine and Smith families among others.

Unlike the Western and central communities (Mongouge, Morne Sion, Ravineau etc),  Daban has not fully benefited from St. Lucia’s Telecommunication Revolution started by Kenny Anthony, in the sense that it has no Landline, Internet and Cable service.  But thanks to Spectra, they have Wireless Cable. I recommend that upon assuming office, the Labour Government explore the possibility of a Universal Service Fund to enable SPECTRA, Digicel or LIME to provide an affordable high speed “wireless” internet and telephone coverage service to areas like Daban.

The road condition leading to Daban was appalling until Saturday. Gratitude must be expressed to a few corporate citizens (like Darcheville Equipment Services, WILROCK Ltd, Thaddeus Antoine, Lorne Theophilus and Ossie Pumice Ltd) who came to the rescue of the residents by providing materials and equipment for the “potholing” of the road. The residents provided the labour and the exercise was done on a self-help, co-operative basis. 

The Daban potholing came about as a result of "LIME WITH LORNE"!


  1. Thanks heavens for Lorne, a District rep doing just what a DR should do. Keep up the good work

  2. For a candidate facing his first full-fledge election in an area dominated by UWPee's Bro Lorne is steadfast in his committment to the people of that district. In the short time since he was introduced as the SLP representative for Chousiel, he has shown true love and devotion for the people he has turned the tide on the corrupt and laissez-faire Dwayne Tucker and has gained the confidence of the masses. Lorne is the man!

  3. How great it was to see a procession of Red in Daban. It was a wonderful sight and the feeling was so good. Apparently, Lorne has considerable political genius and that is major weapon in this elections. He is able to destroy Tucker even in own base. Tucker's 'Chou-ti canal' projects ain't going places. De people get free money and they taking it. Come on Tucker & Chou, give us some more and thanks for putting Xmas in Sept/Oct.

  4. Rumours are flying all over the place that a fellah called "Gilo" had to be rushed to "Mental Wellness Centre" where he spent the night. Why? He got a "brain attack" after two incidents: firstly, he was shocked by what he saw about Daban on the news; secondly, he is coming to the realisation that Roblot is fast falling apart. It's so bad for UWP in Roblot that he couldn't even put a Carnival Band together. Look out for Labour in Roblot soon!

    By the way, you can see the disintegration of the Flambeaus by the foolishness they post on their blog! They have been trying with a new blog editor but . . . . more to come!

  5. Boss, do you know who that new editor is? Check your email.

  6. tel lorne darban people have pride and cannot be bought with filling a few portholes with dirt

  7. both lorne and my causin thaddeus are two selfish individual who cares about nobody but themselves aked thaddeus when was the last time he visited his family in darban