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Thursday, October 6, 2011


"Even in the absence of any disclosure, Mr Bousquet certainly does not look well. We take this opportunity to "preemptively" wish Mr Bousquet a very successful procedure. The very best of health to you, sir!"

Time is running out!
Time is running out for the Choiseul/Saltibus UWP constituency group and  naturally, they are worried. The word on the ground is their candidate Rufus Bousquet is not looking good; only today, HTS reported that he spent most of the day at the Tapion Hospital; but to the best of our knowledge, he has not been doing well this week. A source close to him disclosed that he had to be rushed to the Tapion Hospital on Thursday where he spent practically the entire day.

Missing in action for six weeks!
His dramatic weight loss is obvious; and we have been informed that he must undergo urgent and complex medical procedures which will put him “out of action” for six weeks. The procedures will be a complex because of an additional pre-existing condition which has afflicted him for years.

In the dark
Meanwhile, his constituents and the press continue to remain in the dark. He has not made any disclosure about his health; but they say a picture is worth a thousand words and one glimpse of him tells volumes about his health status and we do not like what we see.

His peripatetic campaign strategy is no more. He will only visit friends and key supporters at odd hours in the night; but we seldom see him in the daytime as we used to about 6 months ago, when he was everywhere every day!

The POWERHOUSE suspected something was amiss when about six months ago, he then told his campaign team: “I have done what I have to do; I have done enough; now it’s your turn to do yours.” That pronouncement caused considerable sabre-rattling and discomfort among his team because they generally thought he had some serious catching-up to do.

From then on, the campaign strategy changed from Bousquet’s peripatetic presence on the ground to just indoor, town hall-type weekly meetings.

Cost-prohibitive procedures
Lucky for Bousquet, he has the resources to go the Martinique, Taiwan and Tapion for treatment; but what’s about the poor men and women who suffer from similar diseases? Choiseul has a high incidence of prostate cancer; many women suffer from and have died from breast, and cervical and pancreatic cancers. When they find out they have the disease, all they do is wait for death, because they can't afford to pay for those cost-prohibitive procedures. 

Universal health care
The Government of St. Lucia had a choice! Yes, they had a choice to introduce Universal Health Care. They never did! And meanwhile, scores of people are dying because they can’t afford to pay for their health bills.

Even in the absence of any disclosure, Mr Bousquet certainly does not look well. We take this opportunity to "preemptively" wish Mr Bousquet a very successful procedure. The very best of health to you, sir!

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