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Monday, October 3, 2011


 A lot has happened in Choiseul in the past 48 hours.

On Saturday, October 1, Choiseul declared open its "new idea", its "new experiment" in Art, Craft and Music. It came under a new banner named BLOTJÉ EN CHOISEUL.

Blotjé is a cultural experiment designed to bring together the major art forms celebrated across the 17 ridges that punctuate the topography of this uniquely beautiful district. But it goes beyond mere celebration; it is also a kind of rapprochement, a watershed of those art forms which continue to dominate the cultural landscape of the “village”.

The initiative, which is the brain child of the Choiseul Development Foundation (collaborating with the Ministries of Social Transformation and Agriculture, CDF and other local institutions), is a sublime demonstration of Choiseul’s propensity for creativity and imagination and also a deep commitment for the pursuit of its own socio-cultural advancement in the fields of music, art and craft.

The opening of Blotjé on Saturday Evening was a resounding success, attracting hundreds of patrons at the Landing site of the Choiseul Fisheries Complex. There was a spectrum of performances, embracing local and national artists like Papa Vader, Bingo and Ricky T who all gave the event a carnival like atmosphere. The stakeholders, planners, sponsors and supporters must receive a resounding rounding of applause for the implementation of this great idea.

The Festival continued on Sunday Night at the Old Boys’ School with a Gwan Moun/Country & Western Festival with Old School master Andre Paul and DOTCOM SOUNDS. It was good to see the Choiseul diaspora and other patrons from all across St. Lucia joining in.

BLOTJÉ continues today with a massive BLOTJÉ JOUVERT (with Choiseul’s premiere Sound System – DOTCOM SOUNDS) which started at the Sugar Plum Disco and ended in the Village. This will be followed by an Art and Craft Technology Expo, which will feature stalls and items of creativity (including drama, song and dance) from across the 17 ridges. The curtains will come down at six this evening. The Master of Ceremonies for the event will be popular village MC and old veteran, Dr Augustin Charles (aka KingBolo).

Happy Blotjé Festival to Choiseul!

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