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Thursday, October 27, 2011


It was just a public meeting; but it turned out to be a massive evening rally which filled the parking lot, the "area" around the Administrative Building, the old fisheries, and the portion of JEM Salmon Street from the Credit Union down to the new Fisheries Complex. As an excited village supporter appropriately remarked, that the massive crowd filled "Theophilus Street”.

The stage was star-studded with high-calibre speakers, including Tom Walcott and Honorable Dr Julian Hunte; but only six of them spoke.

All the speakers were in fine form - from opening batsman Albert Fregis to the Lorne Theophilus who closed the innings hitting the winning run, not out.  In the end, the massive crowd in hand had a treat in “the politics of enlightenment”

Albert Fregis opened the innings; he was followed by Hon Harold Dalson; then Shawn and  Menissa. Need I tell the other two? Obviously, Dr Anthony and  Lorne Theophilus! Yes, uncharacteristically, Kenny spoke before Lorne and then introduced him. It was a resounding statement about the confidence that the Prime Minister designate has in Lorne Theophilus. Kenny spoke for roughly 20 minutes; and Lorne spoke for almost 40.

What did the “Star” speakers say? Fregis gave a very good exposé on National security policy and issues. He revisited the Richard Frederick visa revocation issue and the implications for St. Lucia.

Hon Dalson was in his usual fine form. He spoke on issues of economic importance and the impact of Hurricane Tomas, Tourism development and a host of other issues. He said it was unconscionable that Chastenet could speak of $120 million available from Taiwan for development and that Fond St. Jacques was in that deplorable state. He also spoke on the failed tourism projects that were promised in Black Bay and River Doree. He said that it was a travesty for a small island like St. Lucia to lose 500 acres of prime lands because of the bad judgment of a government.

Shawn spoke on youth policy. Menissa gave a moving address spanning various issues and weaknesses of the King government.

And then Kenny took the podium to the delight of the massive crowd. Despite all the attempts to demonise him, he is much loved, especially in Choiseul/Saltibus where he has his roots. In fact, upon arrival, it took him well over 30 minutes to move through the crowd unto the stage.  

Radiating overwhelming and unshakeable confidence and command on the platform, Dr Anthony reported that the government was not answering his questions, despite all attempts. He said the government had gone “mute” in that regard. He also expressed best wishes to Rufus Bousquet and wished him a speedy recovery; but he also warned him that if despite his illness, he decides to run, there will be no "discrimination"  - he will be treated like all other candidates. 

Then it was Lorne’s turn. The Choiseul/Saltibus parliamentary rep designate stunned the crowd with his 40-min presentation, which got better and better as he moved along. As has become typical with all his platform presentations, he focuses more on policy than politics. He continued to unveil his vision and plans for Choiseul doing so methodically, moving from community to community, ridge by ridge. There is no doubt that Lorne has a clinical command of all the development issues affecting Choiseul, from Anse L’Ivorgne to Gertrine.

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