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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


THE POLITICAL DEBATE IS RAGING ON FACEBOOK. Here is a small extract from “PAPARATZI” contributor, obviously "mad" over his Friend RowManus:

“RowManus is another hack who can’t accept the fact that he is a hack. Well RowManus I’m a hack and don’t feel ashamed of it, an SLP hack that is. None of those who vie for leadership or seats on the SLP side have been to jail, convicted of car theft, and identity theft; nor has been declared persona non grata in a foreign country as powerful as the US; or been arrested for under invoicing; help a child molester escape the law, as one name GUY did a few years ago; Steal tax payers money as one Mondesir did, remember Tuxedo? Lies unnecessarily, as the PM does.

“RowManus SaintLucian the list goes on and on. NOW IF YOU CAN STILL SUPPORT THESE MEN my boy Romanus, you have no right judging Ms Jadia Jn Pierre for her observation. And if according to you my friend, governments are elected to serve people, then by the performance of these shameless thugs, they were elected to help themselves . . .”

Perhaps you can join the conversation and make your contribution.

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  1. Frederick has been "rickyleaked" by Rick Wayne. King said that there was nothing new in the letter to him; but Rick "Rickyleaked" his new lies in the Star Newspaper and St. Lucians discovered yet another lie by King: Both Richard and king knew about the Visa revocation since August 5; but Richard claimed he was shocked when Janine broke the News! And when King addressed the Nation, he said he had nothing new but he never disclosed what we never knew which is Richard's visa was revoked almost two months ago.