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Monday, October 24, 2011


Flashing his trademark stud in his left ear lobe, our Attorney General and Minister for Legal Affairs boldly advocated during his inaugural launching that "politics was not for good boys", suggesting that it was for bad boys.

Fregis who perhaps seems to have his eyes on "Doddy's" job, said during his launch on Sunday that he did not agree with that view! He said - as a police officer - he dedicated his entire life providing citizens with protection and security from bad boys and criminals; and that part of his mission for entering politics is to work with the Labour Party to  provide continued national protection and security from bad boys and criminals in another capacity, at another level . . .

More coverage on Fregis launching during the course of the week; but in the meantime; lets focus on HTS.
HTS disappointed me BIG TIME on Sunday; and if some viewers harbour the notion that HTS broadcast was an act of sabotage, I will understand.

Let me make it clear that HTS is my favorite TV station in St. Lucia. I never miss its 7 PM newscast because I believe its News tend to be balanced, generally. But I was very disappointed with the quality of their coverage of the Dennery South SLP launch on Sunday.

Firstly, the quality of the broadcast has to be dubbed as one of the worst outside broadcast we have seen. Perhaps TCT would have done a much better job. Party access gave a much better quality audio and video.

Secondly, HTS did not give viewers a feeling of the size of the crowd, as she normally does when she covers UWP rallies. She was focusing on very small sections of the crowd throughout the event. At least, a camera man could have been placed on stage to give us a better view of the crowd size and distribution.

I wonder: was it Russell or Andre behind the camera?

HTS, you can do a lot better!


  1. I concur with the sentiments expressed by you. The event was covered poorly. Both technically and otherwise. The audio as well as the video was terrible. Also, for UWP rallies the commentator has always sought a quick live interview with members of the party immediately after the event. Why wasn't the SLP afforded the same courtesy? If HTS has any ethical standards they will not accept payment for such a lousy job. If the problem was one with the upstream, and the recorded version is better then they should rebroadcast the event during the week for free.

  2. I agree with the first comment. I think they should rebroadcast the event during the week for free.

  3. HTS made a mess of the event.Shame on HTS! They have lost Points.but I pray they don't lose focus.

  4. I am glad that at least people other than myself are noticing HTS's crafty and cunning gamesmanship when it comes to their camera coverage of political rallies since the last elections in 2006. Whenever it is UWP they broadcast wide shots of exaggerated expanse to give the impression that the flambeaus are pulling such vast crowds. But whenever it's SLP they only provide very narrow angle, constricted shots - their camera lens suddenly gets constipated - to give the impression of low turnout. Who does HTS think they're fooling? Don't we all know this is the station of Steve Anius, the former UWP candidate for Laborie, and the brother of Jacintha Anius-Lee, that rabidly flambeau woman? And who doesn't know where Linford Fevrier and Valerie Albert stand? But none of them can stop or prevent what's coming!