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Saturday, October 1, 2011


Round of Applause for HTS
When it comes to investigative and broadcast journalism, HTS generally tends to be ahead of the rest. Unlike the other broadcast networks which put a premium on fluffy animations, HTS places emphasis on content.

Forget about Andre’s romanticism (and occasional pussyfooting) with Richard and Veronica on the “Can I Help You” show”; he generally comes across as a professional newsman when in the newsroom.  Hence, HTS seeming “policy emphasis” on professionalism and universal ethical values deserves a round of applause.
Cuthbert Didier: Yachting Ambassador

For example, the manner that HTS dealt with the Cuthbert Didier Affair was admirable and they must be patted on their back. The news was hot and on demand (and they were well aware of that); but they displayed a sublime degree of empathy and restraint in their reporting. However, as soon as they got the “clearance”, they went on to make the appropriate disclosures. (That wasn’t the case for some networks who preach about “facts” but embrace fiction.)

HTS deserves a “second round of applause” for being ahead of the curve again in its latest initiative to undertake a poll on a critical issue in our politics, namely, the health status of candidates. We eagerly await the results!

Time to take the Bulls by the Horns
I believe every constituency and pari passu the nation at large should put their partisan politics aside and unite on certain fundamental policy issues to start forcing the hands of politicians to make disclosures to their “masters”. At the moment, they do not provide the policy leadership we desire on a number of fundamental issues and we therefore have to start taking the Bull by the horns.

Justification for disclosure
A couple of articles ago, the POWERHOUSE proactively recommended that a constitutional mechanism (parliamentary or a quasi-parliamentary) be set up to facilitate public disclosures from our ministers and senior public servants who are entrusted with fiduciary responsibilities.  This came up against the “back and forth” on the Richard’s visa revocation controversy as well St. Lucia’s new vogue of e appointing cost-prohibitive commissions of enquiry to investigate ministers and governments.

We realize that some politicians do get away with the “murder of the truth” because they are not obligated by law to speak it, even if they pledge to do so under oath.

The situation in Choiseul/Saltibus
At the moment the Choiseul/Saltibus constituency is in a state of high alert/concern about the allegations and apparent “signs of truth” bandied about our district representative who is reported to be rapidly losing weight and configuration; and according to well-placed sources he may be undergoing treatment in Martinique for undisclosed conditions. We need him to come forward and make a statement to clear the air because in the absence of credible information, it is human nature to speculate; and just as it is unfair to him, it is also unfair to us who have placed our trust in him. But, as our parliamentary representative, we respect him and we will pray for him. We sincerely wish him the best.

Empathy for the afflicted: a campaign plank
It is natural for human beings to get sick and it is important for us to show empathy for the sick. But how can we show empathy when there is no disclosure?

Recently, Lorne embarked on a different kind of campaign by visiting the sick and shut-in throughout the constituency and from all reports, the initiative was a resounding success. Sources indicate that it gave him a “campaign plank” for to justify the implementation of UHC; but that should never exempt him from what I’m about to say next.

The disclosure proposal
All politicians seeking to represent constituencies should be allowed to voluntarily make disclosures about their state of health; and we want Lorne to lead the pack, just as President Obama did. We want to know if Lorne is HIV +, if he is hypertensive or diabetic; if he has a heart condition; if his cholesterol and PSA levels are high or low etc. We want to know these things because we want to be certain that we are not electing a liability to the House.

And because we do not want any “con-manship” in that regard, we want to receive that information via a transmittal letter from Tapion. That’s our own voluntary, in-house initiative designed to put his “fiduciary” integrity to the test.

On a national level, we should develop mechanisms to ensure that all SLPs and UWPs make disclosures - not just about their earthly assets but also - about their health to the Electoral Commission as a precondition for nomination. An electoral code of ethics should mandate all candidates to submit transmittal copies of health certificates to the Chief elections officer at least a month before nomination day.

Breaking news
It has been confirmed that Lorne will call Hon Bousquet to discuss proposals for the conduct of the campaign and also to take the opportunity to wish him the best of health. BRAVO LORNE!

1 comment:

  1. Any good leader knows that timing their entry & exit in public life is probably the most significant contributor to public perception as far as their assessment as a leader is concerned. It is clear that Gadaffi and Mubarak, are more recent names that don't understand this phenomenon. Colonel, having led Libya firmly from 1969 could have surely left his legacy with the Libyan people had he said goodbye earlier, and just the same Mubarak could have avoided the Cairo people from calling for his neck.

    At home it is a phenomenon that the Minister for External Affairs can't come to terms with either. Ailing, MP for Choiseul/Saltibus is fighting an uphill battle with the two lives that he obviously places the most emphasis on: his political life, followed by his existence (real life). It is sad albeit evident that Mr. Bousquet has placed more value in his battle to retain a place in Government than appreciating his place on this earth. Don’t get me wrong, I am not calling for the man’s death. His rapidly diminished physical appearance tells you that something is wrong on the inside. That associated with his frequent, lengthy, unexplained absences from St. Lucia makes it reasonable to assume that the rumors of him being terminally ill have credence.

    Rufus got majority support at the last elections, in Choiseul, and to date there are still many who worship him. For these people, he could never do wrong and they hold him in high regard, despite what may have driven them to assume that careless position. At this point in time, when his opponent Lorne, has clearly gravitated UWP cohorts towards his campaign, Rufus should seriously consider his exit from elective politics and look after his health. His people would understand and they would forever hold him in high regard as a leader. Everyone knows that he has accumulated enough wealth to give him the best health care there is possible and enjoy a high quality of life.

    Remember, Mr. Bousquet there is also a Spiritual life & you may not have made any time for it. Your priorities as my MP should have been: firstly your spiritual life, followed by your real life (existence) and lastly your political life. You cannot serve us well without the first and you cannot serve us at all without the second.

    Every good leader knows when to quit. Compton left his family prematurely because he went back on that wise decision he previously made; you have a family also that could do with you being around now (before its too late).