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Sunday, October 16, 2011


In the upcoming elections, St. Lucia Labour Party is not only fighting the UWP; it is also fighting the mighty Government of Taiwan  - through Mr Chou - who has given the UWP party millions of “stolen” dollars from the Taiwanese treasury to keep the people of St. Lucia in the dark. The former president of Taiwan is in now jail for life for that type of corruption. By right, Mr Chou should be in there with him.

We may be electing the worst and expecting the best! We perhaps have elected the worst government in living memory; and yet we expect our country to do well.

Is that why our parliamentary democracy is failing us? Why do we elect failures and criminals into our parliament is a question that concerns every good citizen.

This government has been an outright failure with zero or negative achievements; yet, they have the audacity to put themselves up for re-election. If these failures and criminals were ever to be re-elected, then St. Lucia would go down in history as one of the most unthinking people in the Caribbean. But would it be our fault? What are the factors that would contribute to that curse?

Government has collectively demonstrated that it does not care about the development of the country or the economy. They have diverted money for development into bluff projects and into their pockets; so while it has been five years of famine for St. Lucia (with only ti-canal projects); it has been five years of “plenty of millions” for ministers of goverment.

 It is clear that Mr Chou money has been financing the UWP campaign and the lifestyles of UWP ministers and candidates for the last five years in the name of community projects. Very subtle, eh! The question worth asking is: As a nation, are we comfortable with a foreign ambassador abusing his diplomatic immunity to interfere and influence our local politics? Mr Chou is an ambassador; but he is also St. Lucia’s de facto Prime Minister. We understand the serious limitations of this government and specifically our sitting PM, but it is an extremely dangerous precedent set by us when we allow a foreign ambassador to be above our law. It is a situation that one day we will live to regret.

The only place I’m aware that this “sort of thing” is happening in Caribbean is Haiti, where international agencies do not trust the government; so they put monies directly into the hands of the NGOs.

In the upcoming elections, St. Lucia Labour Party is not only fighting the UWP; it is also fighting the mighty Government of Taiwan  - through Mr Chou - who has given the UWP party millions of “stolen” dollars from the Taiwanese treasury to keep the people of St. Lucia in the dark. The former president of Taiwan is now in jail for life specifically for that type of corruption and graft. By right, Mr Chou should have been in there with him.

The former president of Taiwan stole hundreds of millions of dollars from the Taiwanese Treasury and gave millions to Mr Chou to pass on to King and his men to bribe St. Lucians. That’s why they dare not put the money into the consolidated fund; it’s stolen money and Mr Chou himself does want to be caught and go to jail; but eventually, he will; the new Gov’t of Taiwan has ordered an investigation and when the facts come out, he must go to jail.

So in the days ahead, expect more bad news about our already badly battered image. If this government by dint of a miracle were to win this election, then I am sure you know what to expect.

We have already got a taste of it with the revocation of the diplomatic visa of Richard. In fact, we don’t know how many diplomatic visas were revoked since Richard’s dilemma. I am not sure but I understand that travelling by our ministers has been minimal or even nil since then!

We understand that PM also issued a travel advisory to his ministers. Could that be that he has been warned by the FBI, CIA and INTERPOL. Remember, the entire Cabinet was convicted in the Tuxedo matter and thereafter they have continued to violate the laws of the country, aided and abetted by an AG and Minister for Illegal affairs; moreover, our foreign minister is also a Federal convict, having been jailed in the US for identity theft and grand theft auto.

Meanwhile dirty money continues to pour across the constituencies like rain. No doubt UWP candidates have millions and continue to embark all sorts of electioneering projects, paying people exorbitant rates. Laborie, Vieux Fort North, Soufriere and South Castries have become the new havens for those projects.

Mr Chou is having a field day in St. Lucia politics.

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  1. In a time when all seems lost for St. Lucia as far as values, morals and ethics are concerned, Mr. Theoplilus’ town hall meeting at Roblot equates to a 'breath of fresh air".

    I am watching Choiseulians like a hawk would follow its prey, because this election is a litmus test of the vitality of our value systems. We Choiseulians, are known as a people leading the way in education albeit our parents are continually struggling to be part of the middle class. We pride our selves in producing intellectuals, leaders and socially responsible people who today form the framework of success for St. Lucia. Our parents and fore-parents were never wealthy but remain the richest in our eyes because of their contributions to where we are today.

    One needs to understand that money has never been our source of wealth. It has been our value systems, willpower and the love to see each other move ahead. When Sir Arthur Lewis said that education was the way to get out of property, it may have fallen on death ears in parts of St. Lucia but never Choiseul. Our parents listened and they made that paradigm shift. They immediately stopped raising kids to help them in the garden, at the fishing boats, at the sowing machines, at the clay pots or at the straw chairs, and instead sacrificed; through their sweat they, as a people, shaped their children to become intellectual giants.

    Whilst morally rich St. Lucians fear the effects of the dirty Taiwanese money we in Choiseul shouldn’t be as disturbed if we still represent what our parents and fore-parents worked so many years for. Mr. Bousquet has insulted our principles by injecting such a poison ingredient, a dirty Taiwanese dollar, in our proven recipe of success.

    I am confident that the better part of Choiseul, not the recently highly immoral and opportunistic naturalized aliens, will prove to the rest of St. Lucia that we are still a value-oriented people at the next general elections. We will let Mr. Bousquet know that he failed and betrayed our trust by fueling division in our communities through his Ti canal projects. The dissemination of dirty money to our youngsters bolsters their desire to get wealthy ‘by any means necessary’, and he is to be blamed. His inability to improve health care, the poor rationing of water, education and provide long term employment for us has resulted in him being CSI certified. By the way CSI means: Choiseul Seal of Incompetence.

    It is a litmus test for us Choiseul, at the next general elections so lets come together and let St. Lucia know that WE ARE NOT FOR SALE!