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Saturday, December 4, 2010


There’s an old saying that whatever happens in the dark must eventually come out to the light! And indeed an event which was lost in the “dark” has now come out to the light!

A few years ago, Mr Bousquet promised the Choiseul Secondary School a set of musical instruments for the establishment of a school orchestra. And indeed, he delivered!  . . .for  just days later, he delivered the cheque to the principal for the procurement of the instrument.

But the question looming now is: how come, up to now, the school does not have those instruments? The simple answer is: the cheque was a bounced cheque and Mr Bousquet has not seen it fit to resolve the matter.

There are similar questions being asked about the money allocated to him by the Ministry of Community Development for the construction of the Enba Coco Road (Dacreitn, Choiseul) which he also never built. 

Can we continue to trust this district rep? Can we trust him with the donation of US$30,000 from the Portuguese government? Is that all he got? Can we trust him with the $150,000 allocation for Tomas victims? Can we trust him with the promise of Choiseul a mini-stadium?

He has proven that he can’t be trusted.

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