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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Best Wishes, Dr Gonsalves

By virtue of our proximity to SVG, Choiseul is getting a high dose of the Vincy election fever. Indeed, St. Vincent and Barbados were our telecommunication centres for disseminating information about hurricane Tomas during its passage in October.  St. Lucia’s telecommunications network was flattened completely by the storm and thank god for our proximity to SVG and Barbados, we were constantly aware of the looming dangers of Tomas.

We heard Dr Gonsalves on the air at regular intervals marshaling his forces during the passage of Tomas. His leadership role was exemplary and we craved for just an inkling of it in St. Lucia. Indeed, we never had that quality of leadership. In fact our PM only addressed us less than two weeks ago – about a full month after the passage of Tomas! 

Dr Gonsalves proactivity and hands-on, head-on approach to dealing with Tomas deserve nothing but resounding praise. He was with his people through “the thick and thin of the storm” and exhibited leadership par excellence.

Choiseulians were lucky to hear the erudite Dr Anthony on 99.9 FM on Friday; and we truly felt proud of our own leader (who incidentally was born in Choiseul) for his highly analytical discourse alongside the indefatigable Anthony Estaphane.  Dr Anthony is a true Caribbean citizen showing mastery and eloquence of the regional issues.

We were sad though to hear of the mudslinging especially against former UWI Guild of graduate President and Rhode scholar, Luke Brown. We experienced “live and direct” his derision and attempted crucifixion by backward political forces in SVG. We deplore those tactics in no certain terms. In our pursuit of a better Caribbean, we must eschew that path. We must move ahead as visionaries and forward post-modern thinkers with a sublime degree of intellectual honour.
We are truly heartened by the quality of candidates that make up the ULP team. I believe, Dr Gonsalves with his team of experts (comprising intellectuals, businessmen, educators and lawyers and physicians) is setting the pace for the Eastern Caribbean to follow. That team may well be the prototype to inform the way forward in terms of governance within the OECS.

The PowerHouse wishes Dr Gonsalves and his team the best of Luck.

Keep on your campaign path of enlightenment and your people will reward you in kind.

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