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Monday, December 20, 2010


We encourage or followers to send us emails sharing experiences, issues of concern or any other matter they may wish to share with us. This email warns road users - especially our  unsuspecting tourist - commuting on the West to be extremely careful when driving along that route. The writer "questions the wisdom" of using the road under the prevailing dangerous conditions. Please take note.

Here is the email: 


I have been up to Castries several times since Tomas, usually East Coast route; but on Thursday I went west coast. Alan Chastanet declared that we are now open for business and this now includes the usual convoys of tourist buses doing the " round the island trip ". I know the roads are drivable on both routes and although the contractors are working very hard I can't help noticing that on the Barre de L'Isle some of the parts where the road has slipped away are getting larger and although the road surface looks OK there are parts where the road is undermined. 

On the west coast, apart from the spot near Bouton (pic attached) there are places where the road has gone down and marked only by flimsy red plastic tape.

My concern is that it will take very little, perhaps only one of the big container lorries or some more rain and there will a tragedy on the road as a vehicle will either be on the road as it collapses or be hit by a further landslide. On Thursday coming back from Castries there was an almost constant stream of tourist buses going back north. While I would hate to learn that anyone had been hurt or worse imagine the damage to our tourist industry if a bus full of visitors had an accident. While I glad that the tourists are back I would seriously question the wisdom of them driving round until the state of the roads is improved."

Email writer.

1 comment:

  1. After the heavy downpour over the weekend, I'm sure the situation has deteriorated. I, too, encourage motorist to approach these roads with great caution. I suspect that what appears to be a perfect road on the surface may be compromised beneath the layer of asphalt in areas such as the West Coast Rd and the Barre de L'Isle. Then again, why should Allan Chastanet care - he only travels to Soufriere by yacht and helicopter.