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Friday, December 31, 2010

A Comment from a Concerned Choiseulian Citizen

This is an email from some one who refers himself as a concerned citizen. S/he has asked that it be published and I oblige. I have made only minor editorial changes. I note that s/he has published a slightly varied version of the same email:

"Can't Taiwan do the same for us for Hewanorra?

I believe St. Lucia will regret for kicking China out of here. We would have been so much better of. By now we would have had our National Hospital, a massive Cultural facility in Conway (and I'm sure there would have been a big difference in the crime/murder rate). Poverty reduction and constituency development would have been more profound and orderly.

Also, we would have received significant budgetary support and also substantial financial and technical support for our post Tomas recovery efforts. Overall, our development infrastructure would have taken a great leap forward.

But sorry to say, this is not the case because we have put an ex-convict (who has a long history of fraud) in charge of our foreign affairs portfolio.

The net result of all this was the death of Sir John and a dramatic decline in the integrity of our political system.

Don't we have any pride? I truly feel sorry for Helen!"

- Concerned Choiseulian citizen

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