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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Corruption, And Outrage About It, Is On The Rise

The 2010 Global Corruption Barometer report that 6 out of 10 people around the world believe that corruption has increased over the last three years; and one out of four report paying bribes.

The 2010 Barometer captures the experiences and views of more than 91,500 people in 86 countries and territories, making it the only world-wide public opinion survey on corruption.

The Chair of Transparency International, Huguette Labelle said, "The fall-out of the financial crises continues to affect people's opinions of corruption, particular in North America and Western Europe. Institutions everywhere must be resolute in their efforts to restore good governance and trust”.

“In the past 12 months one in four people reported paying a bribe to one of nine institutions and services, from health to education to tax authorities. The police are cited as being the most frequent recipient of bribes, according to those surveyed. About 30 per cent of those who had contact with the police reported having paid a bribe.” 

More than 20 countries reported significant increases in petty bribery since 2006 with the biggest increases being in Chile, Colombia, Kenya, FYR Macedonia, Nigeria, Poland, Russia, Senegal and Thailand.

However, the most worrying fact is “bribes to the police have almost doubled since 2006, and more people report paying bribes to the judiciary and for registry and permit services than five years ago.”

Perhaps one of the sad revelations is the lack of trust and faith in government and politicians: “Eight out of ten say political parties are corrupt or extremely corrupt, while half the people questioned say their government's action to stop corruption is ineffective.”

However, there’s some good news and that is people are ready to act, “Public engagement in the fight against corruption will force those in authority to act - and will give people further courage to speak out and stand up for a cleaner, more transparent world." 

It would have been interesting to find out what is the position with St. Lucia which obviously was omitted from the survey.

Lately, St. Lucia has become very corrupt and bribery is seems rampant. Foreign Ambassadors have been putting money in the hands of politicians, instead of putting it  in the Consolidated Funds. Ministers of government are promising projects without declaring the source of the funding. The Minister of Foreign Affairs said the Village council had over $900,000 to build a stadium in Choiseul and there's a shroud of secrecy surrounding the source of the funds for the project; His blog also reported having received US$30,000 from the Portuguese gov’t with nothing to support the claim. But the worst of all is the corruption of local government authorities by using them as convenient shields for corruption.


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  1. I'm sure Choiseul would welcome a mini-stadium. The question remains however; who/what are the sources of the Ministers funds? We Choiseulians are not su-ti-wez; I will not accept a birthday gift from my brother if it was bought with 'drug money' . Like wise, we will gladly accept the project only if Mr Bousquet can disclose his source of funds.