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Monday, November 29, 2010


Even before his election to office, Lorne continues to make a profound impact on the lives of the constituents of Choiseul/Saltibus. Several communities were toured over the weekend and the response to the young SLP hopeful continued to be overwhelmingly encouraging

Yesterday, Lorne visited several hurricane victims as part of his continuing systematic damage assessment of the constituency of Choiseul/Saltibus.  In keeping with his humanitarian nature, he donated a quantity of construction materials towards the reconstruction of a seriously ravaged home in the Mongouge area. The depressed victim complained that since after the passage of the storm, she hadn’t been afforded ,at least, one courtesy visit from the local or national authorities to inquire about the substantial damage she suffered from the storm.

Meanwhile during one of Lorne’s tours around the constituency, several structural and design issues regarding the Taiwanese footpaths were noteworthy. For example, multiple signs of structural failure and design flaws were evident along the recently constructed Morne Sion footpath. In addition to the many noticeable cracks, the poor project design criteria were glaring, resulting in substantial run-off across the footpath surface and into the yards of some residents. This happened because the elevation of the drain at some points was higher than slanted road surface. Similar design flaws - which resulted in sporadic slippages - have also been reported for Ravineau.

The possibility of redress for the affected victims is almost non-existent, because of the fact that the project funds did not come from the consolidated fund; hence, government is not legally responsible for any liability resulting therefrom.

Meanwhile, the claim by Mr Chou and government officials that the village council is the implementing agency for those Taiwanese projects is being strongly disputed by sources close to the council. The sources informed the Powerhouse that the implementation and management of Taiwanese projects are solely under the jurisdiction of the parliamentary representative.


  1. Keep up the work, Mr Lorne and may God bless you! You will find a place in heaven

  2. This is highly expected. I live in the area and have seen the way these projects are done. The district rep has made it evident that only his activists will benefit from these "bring the vote" projects. The beneficiaries have basically been Bar Owners, a past teacher, operatives kicked out of the NDC and strategically planted in the SSDF, campaign managers, etc. It is simply rediculous. Bottom line if you don't support him then you are out. Therefore he only represents supporters not choiseulians-like myself, because he doesn't know where I voted.

  3. What strikes me here is that Lorne is moving about assessing the area which is in fact the job of the district rep. He should be ensuring that repairs are effected and that lives are brought to some semblance of normalcy. Instead he is busy focussing on how he can win votes away from Lorne by his promises of a stadium and other promises. Promises are comfort to fools and the people of Choiseul may have been fooled by you in the past, but refused to be fooled by you in the future.

  4. I call this the politics of murder & desperation. The District rep is acting like Hitler and Choiseulians are like the Jews. That kind of representation is killing Choiseul; we are not used to that! We are a peace-loving people who believe in Coudmain and who love our neighbours as ourselves. I hope the district rep's behaviour doesn't turn this sweet, crime-free and loving community of peace into a community of violence. God, please help us!

  5. This is an apt description of the reality in my sweet Choiseul. And to be honest, I fear the worst because there are some danger signs of volatility among some youth. When the district rep preaches and practices "nepotism" against the very constituency he represents in parliament, I fear the worse. The youth need employment, guidance and support - not that type of treatment meted out by the district rep. To be honest, Bousquet is the worst district rep we've had.

  6. Hello, I'm a St. Lucian living in the States. Don't you all know that Rufus is a jailbird? His Jail number is: 773016-012. So I don't expect better from a jailbird. I will get some information and send it to the editor for him to show it to St. Lucia. Where is our pride to elect this man to be our district rep?

  7. I totally agree with Delcer, I witnessed it after the hurricane, because my family did not support him not even a hello he said to us after his so called tour around the constituency

  8. He even went as far as handing out drinking water to UWP supporters solely. The mistake he makes continually is that he doesn't realise that Choiseulians come together as one in times of disaster or whenever need be. Even if my neighbour supports another party I will not let them thrist and die if there is something I can do. They will do the same for me. The same people he gave water shared with slp neighbours secretly because they are good hearted people; unlike the Bruce Tucker. We help each other in Choiseul and no jailbird can change that.

    I really one why this foreign minister goes to all Asian countries to negotiate on behalf of St. Lucia but I never hear him holding talks in the USA. Is he still wanted there?