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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Not too long ago, a teacher at the Roblot School announced that the elderly in Roblot had found a “Good Samaritan" who would provide free transportation to the health centre and back as well as free medication to them. Cudos is in place for Mr Nickson for that fine gesture. There were initial worries that it might have been a political ploy on behalf of Tucker; but the Powerhouse can vouch that the good sense and uprightness of the Nicksons in Roblot are non-negotiable; and their wisdom and intelligence would not allow them to become pawns in a political chess game.

Mr Nickson is a returning resident from the USA who has been hustling his way through since his return. In addition to his farming, he runs a bar and food stall in Roblot which provides a useful community service to residents.

The Powerhouse wishes to compliment Mr Nickson for that fine gesture and encourages other corporate citizens to follow his footsteps, as the pending Labour government puts the final touches to Universal Health Care programme, which should have come into effect a long time ago.

With the high incidence and fatality rate for cancer, the record number of lifestyle diseases plus increasing poverty and the lack of affordable health insurance, the peremptory knuckles of a universal health care programme is knocking loudly on our door; and we must implement it with urgency if we want to save St. Lucia.

Mr Nickson’s “Good Samaritanism” is indeed a serious indictment on the current government who not only stalled universal health care but also re-imposed the burden of medical fees on the elderly.

Mr Nickson – who has lived overseas and understands the imminent and lurking dangers involved – must be applauded.

It is noteworthy that - under the Kenny government - medical attention (cost of visit and medication) was free for all.

Once again, thank you Mr Nickson.

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