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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Has Lorne sounded Tucker's “death knell” in Choiseul politics?

REUNION, Choiseul, PH - Residents of Reunion geared up for a big occasion when they witnessed the District Rep, Rufus Bousquet (aka Bruce Tucker) leading an impressive entourage into the Choiseul Primary School on Wednesday Jan 12. The entourage comprised a Press Crew, a couple of UWP dignitaries and a campaign crew including his “Choiseul on the Move” blog master.

But the entourage had hardly arrived when the expectations of the curious onlookers sank into a sulky disappointment because the size of the entourage had nothing to do with the value of the New Year presentation that Tucker made to the school. The occasion was to present just one (1)! ONE SINGLE LAPTOP to the school.

One of the onlookers told the Powerhouse reporter,“c’est Lorne nous vlay”. Even a couple of the kids after the ceremony were reported to be blissfully humming Lorne’s campaign anthem “Rufus sortee la”. It is now beginning to look that Tucker is Lorne’s biggest campaign asset whipping automatic support for Lorne wherever he goes.

Of course, the parents and kids have good reason for their anti-Tucker sentiments. Now that the constituents know it, they are openly asking: What are we doing with a criminal with multiple convictions as our parliamentary representative? Moreover, there are reports of some dangerous signs associated with the “Tivoli Gardens (Jamaica) type politics” rearing their ugly heads among the youth in Piaye and the Gulf (Mongouge) for the sake of winning votes. More on that trend in a subsequent article.

It is evident that the district rep – since after the political earthquake by Lorne - continues to lose his bearings and sinks deeper and deeper into the politics of despair. In spite of his excessive waxing designed to camouflage his true persona, the axis on which he rotates is irretrievably skewed. He reminds me of the Greek “Tantalus” lost in the political quicksand of Choiseul/Saltibus desperately grabbing for support that is non-existent.

Has Lorne sounded his “death knell” in Choiseul politics? And is that the reason for the desperation politics?

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  1. Well fortunately or maybe unfortunately i was at one of the schools receiving the laptops. This is just one of the desperate measures that he is taking to see if he can win the election. He does not do any needs assessment before coming round to make the donations. This is just a political gimmick. A whole entourage strots into the school yard just to present a computer which the Taiwanese handed to bousquet to play his polytricks. Even his so called supporters at the school were not impressed!