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Sunday, January 2, 2011


Apparently, the Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation despite his pedigreed background has proven time and again to be a major source of embarrassment to St. Lucia.

Many of us who thought Senator Chastanet would be an asset to St. Lucia are now "seeing the light". His deep deficiencies and blatant dishonesty which came to the fore with Tuxedo-gate Affair when the High Court fell just short of proclaiming him as ministerial “persona non grata” are, to say the least, troubling. The court ruled that he had absolutely no credibility. In other words, the court proclaimed him to be an outright liar.

We thought Senator Mr Chastenet would have learned a moral lesson from that damning proclamation; but apparently he did not; like a “fairy tale” mill, he has continued to churn untruths and inefficiencies with unmatched regularity.

The latest episode is the CARICOM Airways debacle which is uncommonly shrouded in an ocean of mystery. Senator Chastenet has made a mess with the CARICOM Airways issue. Previously, he had the PM of SVG (Dr Gonsalves) and Dr Anthony lecturing him on Sub-regional Civil Aviation theory and praxis. This was followed by the inevitable – the ECCAA grounded the Dutch-based company for non-compliance with the law and safety practices. The question now being asked is: Why should a Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation be fronting to that extent for a foreign airline company operating illegally in St. lucia?

We understand that this is very much in keeping Chastanet’s innate credibility problem; but can St. Lucia continue to have its image tarnished and battered to that extent by a minister of Government?

A few years ago, St. Lucia was the epicentre of excellence in the Caribbean. With the accomplishments of two Nobel Laureate and with young bright intellectuals like Kenny Anthony, Dwight Venner, Earl Huntley and Dr Joseph Parris making their mark, St. Lucia was considered a formidable force to be reckoned with. Today, we have become a warped relic of what we were! That tradition of excellence is now being replaced with the traditions of the Sam Floods, Rick Waynes, Rufus Bousquets, Stepenson Kings and Allan Chastanets. St. Lucia must now be the laughing stock of the Caribbean and the world.

To avoid further embarrassment to St. Lucia, the Powerhouse requests one New Year Gift from our Honorable Prime Minister: Sir, kindly remove Allan Chastanet from your Cabinet of ministers.


  1. Congo Man from ChoiseulJanuary 2, 2011 at 12:39 PM

    Editor in chief! This is a fair and timely request. I personally believe that Chastanet and Bousquet are st. Lucia's greatest liabilities. Both have been convicted. Chastanet and his Cabinet Colleagues were all convicted of malfeasance in the Tuxedo Affair. He tried to save face by lying to the Judge (that he was absent from the Cabinet meeting); but the minutes showed he was present! Have you heard of a case where an entire Cabinet of ministers have been indicted and convicted. Bousquet is in good company. Birds of a feather flock together.

    And can you imagine that this is the "Government of St. Lucia"? We are in serious trouble.

  2. This is right on. Chastanet's selection as a minister was ill-informed. How can a man who was so well-respected at first now appear to be so stupid. Is it a virus from within the UWP party? All these fellahs getting moedicione from John Compton. We have never had it so worse. This must be the worse government we've in St. Lucia and the Caribbean. Worse than Gairy and his Mongoose gang! I feel sorry for my country.

  3. How many times must the government and people of this country be brought into shame and disrepute for King to show that he has any moral fiber in him. Chastnet is a disgrace, and is obsessed with all things foreign. From his perspective local initiatives matter not. All St.Lucians need to lend their voices to the call for the removal of Chastnet from government along with thugs like Rufus and Richard, and those with sticky fingers like Guy Poodle Joseph. This government must be brought down before our country is. Come on people. Let us rescue our country and restore national pride and industry.

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