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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Watch out Choiseul! Criminals on the loose . . .

It is clear that we Choiseulians have a proclivity to be ultra-hospitable. We tend to go out of our way to make strangers feel at home to the point where we have gullibly elected an ex-convict to be our parliamentary representative.

But the world is changing these days; and we have to start thinking about taking our hospitality too far. Criminals, driven from the North, are now invading the South and even the police have become targets, much less the ordinary citizen.

On Thursday, a Suziki Vitara jeep containing three occupants pulled up about a hundred away from an isolated residence belonging to a police officer.  The occupants on the vehicle were two males and one 15-year secondary female student from Babonneau.

The targeted house seemed vacant; so the lone female occupant emerged from the vehicle and sauntered towards the house whereupon she knocked on the door and greeted “Good Day”. There was no response. At that point, the two male companions quickly disembarked the vehicle and joined her whereupon they started to make their way into the building.

But the building was not empty; and the occupant inside heard the unusual, eerie commotion. When she peeped outside, she saw the thieves busily forcing their way inside. She didn’t panic; she quickly grabbed her phone and called the police. The robbers escaped but not for long as they picked up by the Southern police.

In the end, a large quantity of stolen items and one firearm loaded with three rounds of ammunition were recovered.

They will be tried in a magistrate Court in Soufriere on Monday, March 21.

Meanwhile, we must applaud Sergeant Albert Charlery for a job well done. Since he came to Choiseul, there has been a noticeably stricter enforcement of the law, especially as it relates to traffic.

We wish him the best.

In the meantime, Choiseulians be prepared for more to come and if you should have a similar encounter, act sensibly but with extreme caution! If you can’t install security cameras, perhaps it’s a good time to start putting together neighbourhood watch systems. With the proliferation of illegal guns around, your life may be on the line!

So be extra careful!


  1. Should the police be shaking hands with a criminal? Or should the police take gifts from a criminal? Sarge, be careful this man taints your reputation and good name. By the way, Sarge, you will soon be the one to do the honours soon for defrauding the Choiseul electorate in 1992. He ran the 1992 elections on a false name.

    according the records from the registry, he name in St. Lucia was JOSEPH MICHAEL DONALD BOUSQUET 2nd. Lorne is coming for him. He can run but he cannot hide!

  2. Gilo1! as a former national sportsman of high repute, don't you have no shame to be associated with this man? Gilo, i hope he does not corrupt you and that you are not doing the thing mate doin'. Remember, the Jn baptiste brand is said to be incorrigible.

  3. Rookie from Victoria, ChoiseulMarch 22, 2011 at 3:54 AM

    powerhouse Crew, please publish the following on my behalf. I used to follow Bousquet Blog; but now I'm fed up. We are learning all kinds of fraud by Gilo and Jimmy bluffing our people. i haer Gilo writing $1000 contracts and paying the fellahs only $200. That's not fair. They are giving Bousquet a bad name. Somebody emailed me photos of Jimmy's house in Delcer being built by materials government gave to do sometghing for the youth in Victoria? That is highway robbery, Mr Bousquet should fire these fellahs and hire better people.

    thansk very much
    from canada

    Logix, that's was long promised by the Japanese gov't to compensate for an apparent design anomaly which did not factor the coastal dynamics during the construction of the facility, as well as the egress of water from the two "waterways" which flank the facility. It's time you guys practice intellectual honesty when you deal with the issues. You all overdrive the notion that Bousquet is demi-god from the sky who is responsible or own everything in Choiseul. You are lying to the people and are opening yourselves from scathing and formidable attacks from the PowerHouse which has made a mess with you all. You must adopt a different approach. The fellahs are hacking you all big time! plus they have their men in your camp! You all act like blind Jackasses and putting Bousquet under more pressure. I also know yo all are not flipping straight. . . . teifing people's money. you making us in the diaspora look really bad.