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Thursday, March 3, 2011


"Such charisma at the beginning from Rufus and now the reality shows. 
"It is not just the obvious loss around the corner but the true colors of Rufus showing. The short-temper, uncontrollable anger, arrogance, power starving etc.... are all of the real Rufus. 
"He has packaged himself to attract the weaker part of the richly educated Choiseul along with the notorious opportunists. He thrives on the notion that Choiseulians are backward, weak and unable to think for themselves. 
"In his mind, an attractive ride, some rounds of drinks at some bars, being fair in complexion and speaking a few three-syllable English words in the rural areas represents the winning formula. 
"Now that it is evident that Choiseul is made of powerful men and women that disassociate themselves with crooks and make sound decisions, he is again buying empty pockets to scrape tracks (what he calls roads) and build poor excuses for gutters.
"Classic example at Des Tout Canawii where he made it even more difficult for low cars to traverse and people to walk after a little rain. Ma Aimancy doesn't forget that first time he came to contest in Choiseul saying clearly to her deceased husband that they would never get electricity at their little rum shop & hall or dwelling home. Thank God that Labour came in and put poles all over the place for free. 
"I just want to remind my brothers and sisters, of their children to come, when they make decisions. Rufus has not given any consideration to enact legislation that will improve the lifestyles of our young ones coming behind. As a policy maker he sets no example so that a young man can take him as a role model. Instead he immerses himself in corrupt behavior and selfishly breaks down the moral structure in our society; then again, what can we expect from a criminal. 
"The Lagan Road which helps us everyday will be there long after Kenny and Lorne are gone but the Ti Canal Rufus making cannot even last his term in office."
Choiseulians! Stand up and be counted if you want true development for your community. VOTE AGAINST BLUFF AND CRIME. VOTE AGAINST BOUSQUET FOR HIS DISRESPECT FOR US.


  1. IT NOT JUST ABOUT THE OUTSIDE; IT'S ABOUT THE WHAT'S IN THE INSIDE: Rufus is all honey on the outside; but he is poison inside. If you cut him open, you wouldn't like the yellow pus inside. He has no blood. He drained all his red blood and replaced it with yellow pus; and that pus smells!

  2. Well said. Bousquet will not fool us this time. Enough is enough! Tucker have to go!