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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Clown in the House

When the House met yesterday to consider two motions (authorizing the government to borrow US $20 from ECFH and $8.2 million from the IMF for budget financing and post Hurricane Tomas reconstruction), an important issue regarding the competence and ethics of the Foreign Minister in the handling of aid given to the State of St. Lucia came to the fore.

Whereas everybody knows that he has an overwhelming propensity to lie, nobody expected him to lie so blatantly to the House in full view of the viewing public.

The issue (I am referring to) was the breaking of the Finance Laws of the land with impunity by not depositing the funds procured overseas into the Consolidated Fund. Why was he diverting funds that should have channeled into the treasury to a Village Council account in a credit union for campaign purposes?

One can understand that the Speaker is part of the Flambeau lodge network (FLN); but for purposes of her own integrity and honesty, she has to understand that she has to be seen to be fair and objective in the application of the Standing Orders of the House. But one can understand the Tommy Tucker role that she has to play. Suffice it to ask: why would Lady Mathurin choose International Women’s Day to act as an accessory to a criminal named Bruce Tucker? Why would a supposedly fair speaker “connive” to allow a pathological liar to escape the Halls of Parliament with impunity?

While Tucker may be able to bluff gargoyles and sadly the Speaker of the House, he knows he can’t bluff the educated Opposition with his usual “all-corners-of-his-mouth” tales. When the illegal “diversion of funds” issue was raised and was being debated, the PM - like a true “gor-gor” - reclined “cluelessly” in his chair and indeed appeared “lost”; but not the members of the opposition who literally took down “the criminal in Clown’s clothing”. In the end, Tucker apparently had no rabbits left in the Hat and soon became the laughing stock in the House of Dissemble.

The Opposition “unclothed” Tucker by removing the camouflage that covered his criminality; and there he was standing in the desecrated House of Dissemble, exposed to the elements. He was no match for the indomitable Hon Dalson who is apparently blessed with fine-tuned debating skills and a superior logical mind.

One can only hope that in the end the clown will be made to account for all his financial crimes against the state.


  1. Every dog has its day - and finally Tuckers day seems to be getting closer. His age seems to be taking a toll on him and lapses similar to Rick's are evident. The waxing plus body scrubs are no longer effective, the finesse is fading away and the blood pressure seems uncontrollable. I just hope that when Tucker goes behind bars again the new recently self-appointed manager at the Choiseul Credit Union will tuck him in at nights.

  2. lol, u know going through this is so funny, well it made me lol when i saw de pic, i didn t know he was in custody, thought it was jus a misdemeanor, anyway thanks for bring it out clearly,i m not from choiseul buh i like dat site, quite interesting, wondering y other MPs having followed dat trend