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Monday, March 7, 2011

Will Bousquet fire his political proxies?

Is Tucker’s Campaign in disarray? Will he fire the old faithfuls?

Jimmy and Gilo continue to be the scapegoats for Bruce Tucker’s failures; and that fact was made clearer when Lorne Theophilus came to the rescue of the neglected youth in Choiseul with some relief.

Lime with Lorne brings results
At one of the “Lime with Lorne” community consultations, a group of dynamic but deprived youth made a special plea to Lorne Theophilus - the “district rep designate” - to assist them in the procurement of sporting equipment to facilitate their participation in the ongoing district cricket competitions. Lorne promptly responded by providing them with a quantity of high-end cricketing gear valued over $5000. He also made a monetary contribution to facilitate the payment of registration fees.

As an avid sportsman and sporting administrator, Lorne saw the contribution as an investment in the future of the youth.

The young men were extremely grateful to “district rep designate” for a contribution which made it possible for them to represent their community at the district level. Lorne will also help fine tune their cricketing skills by making provision for a coach to help them in that regard. More sporting equipment is also on the way for more youth.

One of us to for all of us
Unlike the incumbent, these contributions were made with absolutely no strings attached - just a contribution coming from the heart of a genuine Choiseul to help Choiseulians. As he put it “one of us to represent all of us”

The news of Lorne’s engagement of the youth sent shockwaves through Tucker’s camp; and his immediate and typical “bluff” response was to make Gilo and Jimmy “sacrificial lambs”. Yes, we all know about Tucker’s network of political operatives hired specifically to brainwash the youth with promises of grand projects and pseudo-projects designed to “keep and get votes” for him. The Mongouge Multipurpose Centre and all the Canal projects are cases in point.

The news coming out of Tucker’s camp is he is not satisfied with the performance of the network. Indeed, some of the guys who serve him are not prepared to sell their soul to the devil in the hope of “buying” a “miracle win” for Tucker.

Representation by proxy
People across the constituency from Saltibus to La Pointe have one familiar cry: 4 long years of abject neglect. Tucker practiced “representation by proxy” where he had hired operatives throughout the constituency to brainwash what he refer to as his “subjects”. Unfortunately that was also an abject failure. That model has less than zero impact. So, he is now busy trying to do in one year, what he didn’t do in 4 years; but people have made up their mind: “we voted for you and not for proxies”  is the cry of the people.

Lorne interactions with the constituents over a six-month period have both qualitatively and quantitatively surpassed by far Tucker’s representation for his entire tenure.

Lorne’s vision: making Choiseul great
Lorne’s vision is to make Choiseul great. Being a sportsmen and sports administrator (he is the immediate past chairman of SSI), Lorne’s vision for sports embraces a multidisciplinary and multi-faceted approach. His immediate priority will be to develop an elite athlete’s programme for Choiseul/Saltibus designed to identify and maximise the sporting potential in the youth and spur them to national excellence. Among other things, he will ensure that standard and quality sporting, community and other infrastructure and facilities are installed at strategic locations around the constituency - not the substandard election projects done without design with or approval from the Ministry of Youth & Sports and the Ministry of Planning.

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  1. Way to go Lorne. The youth are our future. This is what we call quality representation. Someone with a vision.