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Thursday, March 24, 2011


The news around the constituency is Bousquet is crying. Some people believe it’s genuine; others believe its sheer crocodile tears. According to our sources, he was literally in tears over the weekend claiming that untruths were being peddled "all over the internet" about him. Sources close to him reveal that he was particularly unnerved by the news about his abuse of his mother which many observers rate as a greater transgression than his federal convictions.

It is apparent that many Choiseulians seem to know the details of the story of Rufus and his mother. It is alleged that she first broke it to a well-known politician and then to the Choiseul vendors at the Castries Market who she warned against voting for her own son.

Bousquet's horrible past is undoubtedly unfolding by the day and apparently, his strategy to hoodwink the Choiseul/Saltibus constituents by selling himself as a "Good Samaritan" with "good looks" is failing; and, in that regard, he is not just "behind the curve" but also "behind the eight ball". As his largely unknown history unfolds, almost all Choiseul/Saltibus is getting insights into his art of con-manship. We can say thank God for the Internet, Choiseulians are lot wiser now. We can easily log on to the Federal Bureau of Prisons Website, click on inmate locator, search Rufus Bousquet and prove his criminal past.

In the past, politicians have literally got away with "murder" because the electorate failed to exercise due diligence and do the required political audits of the candidates imposed on them. The Choiseul PowerHouse aims to change that trend completely. Our aim is not to give timid coverage to any politician for money or reward; but to expose the facts to the electorate.

As a matter of editorial policy, we wish to make it abundantly clear that we will fearlessly bring all issues touching on Choiseul/Saltibus to the fore. No story will be too big or too small to publish, as long as we believe it is relevant.

Moreover, we put a premium on investigative journalism for the purpose of enlightening our citizens; we will take to task anyone or any network who attempts to brainwash our citizens, especially for votes. Buying votes should never be part of our democratic formula.

Today, after 22 years  (1989 – 2011) in Choiseul, Bousquet still has to go on his knees, doing house-to-house campaign, offering people money for votes. It is a sad state of affairs for our democracy.

Now, he hardly spends anytime in office, earning a fat salary for doing nothing. Constituents report that he is now 24/7 on the ground, cheating the taxpayers who cry every day. Now it is his turn to cry!

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