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Monday, August 1, 2011

Come on NEMO! Come on PM King! Say Something!

Isn’t it strange that the governments of all the territories affected by Emily except St. Lucia have issued statements to their citizen?  Is it that we are not being or will not be affected by Emily?

Will there be absolutely no hazards affecting our land and the waters around us? Why are there no hazard warnings to the people of Fond St. Jacques, Bexon, Jertrine, Saltibus and Daban etc? Why are there no small craft warnings to the fishermen, asking them to ensure the safety of their boats?.

Fishermen on the West Coast will be especially vulnerable because the winds will approaching from the opposite direction, because of the counter-clockwise circulation of a hurricane. This has serious implications for the potential magnitude and intensity of storm surges. Has the appropriate authority told the fishermen about that?