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Saturday, February 12, 2011

The ill-gotten Goods Story: Is Choiseul /Saltibus for Sale?

We would have never imagined it; but it is happening! More and more, it is looking like Choiseul/Saltibus is for sale. For 4 years, the district rep kept the constituency hungry and in misery while he fattened his pockets and today, he is using his ill-gotten goods as bait to hoodwink us in Choiseul/Saltibus to vote for him.

The grand plan was finalized at a meeting held on Wednesday when he rolled out his campaign strategy to his UWP Project Team (UWP-PT). The team comprises 6 members, two of whom are Public Servants in the Ministry of Agriculture and the the Ministry of National Security respectively. The other members are as follows: two from Reunion, one from Saltibus and a “mysterious” stranger in a heavily tinted vehicle who is seen only at nights in Tucker’s Office.

The honcho is charge of the UWP-PT is an ex-public servant who is now an employee in the Ministry of National Security.

Reports reaching the Powerhouse indicate that an initial sum of one million dollars has been allocated to the UWP-PT for the Tucker campaign for bluff projects and to purchase the votes of vulnerable people.

You will recall in the last election, allegations of the fraudulent practice were abound. There was a secret Choiseul Mafia Network who distributed a million dollars to voters during election week. The Network was being advised by the mind-bending Strategic Communications Labs.

But this time around, there are new developments. Tucker has kicked out some of the honchos who worked on the UWP-PT last year. One of the irate ex-team members called the Powerhouse on condition of anonymity to break the story. He reported that this time around that Tucker has a lot more money to spend; and according to him Tucker has moved on to employ more expensive “educated fools who were traitors last elections”. “Not even Jimmy and Gilo were invited to the meeting”, he said.

Irrespective of the excessive “illegal” money in their possession, they are still riddled with internal division; everybody wants a piece of the cake and apparently Tucker does not have the expertise to handle the greedy motley crew he created.

Tucker’s Campaign finance comes from the governments of Taiwan, Morocco and Portugal. The funds from Morocco and Portugal are bona fide money and were meant for purposes of post-Tomas rehabilitation but have been fraudulently diverted by Tucker to his election Campaign war chest.

In a subsequent article, the Powerhouse will disclose a financial statement of the Sources and Application of Tucker’s ill-gotten goods.


  1. These aiders and abettors should be ashamed of themselves. How about that - a top-level ministry of national security official working with Tucker, the criminal? How do these men face their children?

  2. Worried Lucian-CanadianFebruary 12, 2011 at 8:01 PM

    Great Blog. It's a pleasure to come on board the first time. This ill-gotten goods story frightens me. Are we a nation without laws? Why should a top national security official working at Bordelais ever have to join this fellah's team? When my brother called me this morning to give the details which seem to be all over, I was shocked. I was part of the effort in Canada to raise funds for my country and I am disgusted that this what is happening. What is the Prime Minister doing about it?

  3. Rufus Bousquet does not care. He has been to jail several times. You can check it out for yourself on line under inmate locator. Just click on the link:

    He also went to prison under the name Bruce Tucker. He thinks he can hide truth from Choiseulians forever; but its coming out little by little. People are only now beginning to make enquiries. he thinks he can bluff his way out by bribing the electorate with his ill-gotten gains.

    But thanks to the Powerhouse and Lucian Talk, the facts are coming out.

    The journalists who interview him are reporting that he is very nervous. He has to be because the story is just unfolding.

    Cyberboss, check your email for some new information about him. You can publish it but in the meantime with hold my email because of my sensitive position.