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Monday, September 26, 2011


 In his final days, Richard continues to pour more insult and disrespect to the Prime Minister of St. Lucia.

When we heard the news that King would fire "the fraud" from the Cabinet at the behest of his ministers, we all thought the disrespect and indiscriminate abuse of the prime Minister at least by Richard was at an end; but we soon learned that this was not the case.

When King was commissioned by his Cabinet to diplomatically relay the information to Richard and to “spin” the Cabinet decision to make it look like a voluntary resignation, he was again - and one more time - met by a defiant spat on his face.

Habit is second nature. If you have developed the habit of disrespecting someone, it naturally becomes "second nature" to you; and so we have to equate Richard’s preemption of the PM’s address to the nation (by his own address) as being a gross insult that is worse than “a slap in the face”.

Timothy Poleon was one of Richard’s accessories. They met at an undisclosed location to strategize; and thereafter, it was left to Tim to execute the strategy.

To that end, he and Richard met in the Studios of ChoiceTV at 5 pm on Sunday. Tim was to ensure that the recording of a prepared statement to the nation to be broadcast at 8 pm on last night happened. The statement was designed to preempt and deaden the edge of the Prime Ministerial Address to the Nation happening tonight (Monday). Will it do do so? We don't know! But we argue that last night's strategy was “un-clever”, desperate and distasteful and had all the markings of a terrorist coup d’état.

The intent, tone, substance and execution of the statement left a lot to be desired. The fact that there were three cuts in the broadcast highlighted the desperation. The impression given was Richard was being railroaded into a terrorist act by his protective belt of consultants and if you listen the flow (although there was hardly any), then you will know who wrote the script.

Richard Frederick voice was slurry (perhaps, he was inebriated). He looked disturbed and unstable and sharpened his attacks against d’Auvergne. He was profoundly angry and sometimes there was the impression that he would break down and cry. Simply put, he was not mentally fit to deliver that address, especially as he had no new information to share with us.

But above all, he spat on the PM’s face; and that to me was even a graver act that slapping the PM.

Richard at this moment should take time off to engage in some serious reflection and introspection and do a SWAT analysis of himself, otherwise he may well self-destruct.

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  1. Tim and Rick is on the defensive for Richard.Shame on according to Mr Chou "so called" journalists