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Thursday, September 22, 2011


What do Richard Frederick, Rufus Bousquet and Ambassador Chou have in common?  Mr Chou was appointed by former Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian who has been sentenced to life in prison after being convicted on charges of corruption. Mr Bousquet, who has served two prison terms in the USA (for identity theft and grand theft auto), continues to collaborate with Mr Chou in the breaking of the supreme law of the land.
Who is Hot, Who is Cool and Who is Vicious

Now that Uncle Sam has revoked the personal and diplomatic visas of the Minister of Housing, will the next move be to seek his extradition, in the same way that he sought the extradition of “Dudus” Coke?

While the PM continues to drag his foot on the matter, an independent Senator who is a good friend of the government has advised  to fire the Minister from Cabinet to save the country’s reputation. What does Mr JnMarie who is a good friend and confidante of Rick know that we don’t? And how did he get that information? Why is Mr Frederick afraid to resign?

The “HOT, COOL & VICIOUS” which will be published this weekend goes deep into the current debacle facing us and makes some interesting and thrilling analyses and revelations. But above all, who is the Hot, who is the cool, and who is the vicious in this helpless micro-society called St. Lucia?


  1. Powerhouse, you should publish that feature tonight! can I take a guess: Is the Hot Richard Frederick, is the Cool Mr Chou (he looks like Mr Cool) and is the Vicious Rick?

  2. Hot is Rufus, Cool is Chou, Vicious is Richard

  3. Rick must be the vicious.