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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


It never rains but it pours; and from all indications it is now “pouring” on the UWP (or should I say the Super-8). It has been brought to our attention the UWP is about to face another major setback.

It is reported that Foreign Minister, Rufus Bousquet is now in neighbouring Martinique undergoing treatment for allegedly two different terminal conditions. We have been reliably informed that he is under heavy medication and one of the conditions may require urgent surgery.

We wish him well; but we also look forward to him to be honest and transparent with us in Choiseul/Saltibus by making full disclosure to us in that regard.

In the event he wins (which is highly unlikely), we would not wish to go through another episode like that of Sir John who knew beforehand that he was afflicted by a terminal condition and passed away in less than a year after assuming office.

Mr Bousquet, please come clean with us and let us know about your illness.


  1. Oh Boy, he does not look well. I wish him well.

  2. Potentially bad news for Labour. A good replacement can win the seat for UWP. Else, Labour wins by default.

  3. I wish Mr Bousquet all the best and I do hope his treatment is successful. However, let me state that labour with win but not by defsault because SLP's candidate is solid. All the best LORNE IS OUR MAN!!!

  4. I am sorry to hear that Rufus is not well! There is something in life that if you get money by dishonest means, you tend to have to spend it on all sorts of sicknesses so Rufus is paying for his sins. Who knows maybe there are more to come.
    Maybe Rufus should let Tom Chew take care of him,he seems to take care of all the government's problems!!!