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Sunday, September 11, 2011



"How come there is so much about Bousquet criminality and Frederick’s narco-trafficking and nothing about Kenny selling our waters to Grynberg and collecting Royalties? How come there is nothing about Rochamel and Frenwall? Why was nothing cited about cost-overruns, nothing about the NCA? If these were the greatest mortal sins committed by any government in the history of St. Lucia, then why was there absolutely no mention made of them in Wikileaks?"

"The chickens are coming home to roost. St Lucian’s are beginning to see the mischief behind the COE; and that all the allegations leveled against Dr Anthony were mere figments of Rick’s imagination which he wanted to immortalize as a WMD against Dr Anthony. At a deeper level, it also highlights the extent of collusion between Rick and the criminal elements of the UWP."

Since Wikileaks released those leaked Embassy cables about the UWP mess that passes for government, Rick and his sophistic kid Tim have been on their back-foot and body-slamming the cables. UWP has survived the worse; but in the absence of transparency, we did not know that the worse was that bad.  And here comes Wikileaks invading our space at a time we can ill-afford to break the news to us.

If St. Lucia is in the grips of a crucial election campaign - when everything from the economy to morality is rapidly falling apart – then, why should Wikileaks be so unkind to us? Moreover, if election is due within the next two to three months, then why should Wikileaks add so much insult to injury?

Wikileaks has made the terrain extremely rough for the incumbent UWP campaign wagon by "bringing to light" the worst fears imaginable. Yes, we knew Rufus Bousquet was a criminal. Yes, we knew about Richard's arrest by the comptroller for Customs fraud. Yes, we also knew about the Tuxedo affair; but we did not know that the belly of the beast was completely rotten.

Wikileaks has provided us with information which makes “sweet St. Lucia” looks like a microcosm of Haiti, a district of Escobar’s Columbia, and even Kaddafi Tripoli Capitol.

So the vital question is: what would motivate a gov’t so corrupt and riddled with criminal elements who have committed so many “mortal sins” to appoint a commission of enquiry (COE) to investigate a previous gov’t which was found not guilty of even “original sin”? What was the rationale for that COE, (which turned out to be just a giant smokescreen)?

No wonder a critical part of UWP PR machinery (masquerading as talk-show hosts) has been rocked on its back foot by Wikileaks, almost hitting its wicket in the process.

While it is apparent that both Tim and Rick have a fixation with the cables, it is also clear that their strategy is to try to pre-emptively strike them out with "detonated", ineffective WMDs. In that regard, Rick made an early call to News Spin last week warning Tim to stay very far away from any controversial Wikileaks material to avoid litigation.

Good advice from the Shaolin grand master to the young Shaolin monk: Stay away from “controversial journalism” and practice “cautious journalism”; but isn’t controversy naturally attracted to journalism; and doesn’t smart journalism creatively uses controversy to generate exciting news?

The Richard pronouncements about Grynberg in the House made exciting news and nobody was sued. The media had a field day with it. The talk shows went ablaze with it. The Government press secretary said it would be a noose around Dr Anthony’s neck. Callers to the Talk show flogged it. The litigious Kenny Anthony never took any section of the media to task. He knew it was bona fide news reporting. So Rick’s cowardly reasons citing potential litigation is flatly dishonest. Moreover, Rick is a UWP insider and friend of all the named culprits cited in the report. So when he says he is staying away from Wikileaks for fear of litigation, we know he is “pissing in our eye and calling it rain”.

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  1. Look readers let us not make Rick feel important. The guy is on his way out of our lives. His chemo burnt brain is beginning to fail him so please let him be. He is joining Tim on Choice TV, that is so they can both attack Kenny and push mud against him -the mud Rick told the UWP he has against Kenny. I pity the midget he can never stand tall as from birth he has been a midget and no amount of weights or steroids can change that!!!