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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Choiseul is in now being rocked by intense criminal activity; there are reported break-ins almost every day; and the sergeant in charge – a strict, no-nonsense and conscientious police officer has a massive challenge on his hands to deal with those sophisticated criminals.

For the past three or so weeks, those criminals have been wreaking havoc on unprotected and unsuspecting citizen. It is being reported that Reunion, Le Riche and Belle Vue have been especially hard hit. They target small portable items like jewelry, laptops, cash and other electronic items like cell phones and mp3 players

The current wave of crime carries the same signature of the wave of crime of the late 90’s, when an organized network of criminals pooled their resources to terrorize the characteristically peaceful community of Choiseul. We were fortunate to have a local boy by the name of Sergeant Desir dispatched to Choiseul Police Station who with the help of the marine Police busted the network in record time and returned peace to Choiseul again

Unlike the old network of 1990’s which operated in the dead of night, the new network operates in broad daylight and yet nobody sees them.

The theory is the network is based out of Choiseul but with deep links inside the community. Apparently, they are very smart and intelligence sources suggest they come masquerading as service people and then they strike. It is believed that they work in small groups, with one member of the group keeping watch while the others go for the loot.

It’s a worrying issue for many Choiseulians especially the elderly and those of us who have to work outside Choiseul.

St. Lucia is truly at the crossroads; and Choiseul is no exception. We call on all Choiseulians to be on the watch and to take all the necessary precautions to protect their lives and property. Perhaps, it night be a good time to form Neighborhood Watch groups, if you have not done so.

Should you see a suspicious character or a vehicle in your area, do not hesitate to alert the members of your neighborhood or to call the Choiseul Police Station at 456-3735. Remain alert! Remember criminals are extremely dangerous! Never take any chances with them!

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