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Friday, September 23, 2011


It is important to conceptually differentiate between Rickyleaks and Wikileaks as there may be attempts to confuse the two; as Richard “No US Visa” Frederick did on his “Can I Help You” Show this morning.

Richard’s reference to the conspiracy theories against him which he suggested were on Wikileaks was vintage Rickyleaks. Our technical team has spent the better part of a month combing the voluminous 1.67 Gigabytes of leaked Wikileaks cables for articles of St. Lucia, and we are yet to find any such information. When Richard leveled the accusations of conspiracy theories against Mr Ausbert d’Auvergne, Lady Janice, Mr La Carbiniere, Kenny Anthony and Janice Compton, we again run another extensive search; but again we came up with nothing. We therefore concluded that these allegations of “conspiracy theories” were unfounded and were therefore Rickyleaks and not Wikileaks; but that was not the only case.

When the latest round of Wikileaks cables was released, my first interest was Grynberg. If Kenny sold our waters in return for royalties, then there was no way he could conceivably escape the Wikileaks “lasso” which the “Incredible Hulk” at the PM’s office intended to throw around his neck.  But the more I searched, the less I found. Instead, I came up against a mountain of information about Bousquet’s criminality and allegations of narco-trafficking and (even murder) linked to Frederick but nothing about Kenny selling our waters to Grynberg and collecting Royalties.

I also came up with nothing about Rochamel and Frenwall, nothing about cost-overruns, nothing about the NCA affair. How could the greatest mortal sins ever committed by any government in the history of St. Lucia escape the author of those cables? Why did Wikileaks make absolutely no reference to those atrocious crimes and acts of corruption which Richard have been alleging against Kenny?

The chickens are now slowly coming home to roost. St Lucians are now beginning to understand the malicious intent behind the Commission of Enquiry and its terms of reference. It is now also dawning on us that all the allegations leveled against Dr Anthony were Rickyleaks designed to demonise Dr Anthony.

It is now crystal clear to all that all those Rickyleaks referenced above were only half of the story. There was a missing and embarrassing half which always seemed to have escaped our attention and that is, the frightening collusion between “Mr Universe” and the criminal elements of the which invaded the UWP and caused Janine to resign from it.


  1. When will you Lucians learn to spell? IT is not RICKYLEAKS,but R I C K H E L I C K S!

  2. Did King finally fire Richard? If he fired Richard and retained Tucker in the Cabinet, then this is totally unfair. Tucker is the greater culprit. In addition to his passport being revoked, he - like Richard - has also been accused of murder more than once. King you must fire Tucker too or you will be embarrassed even more.

  3. The information superhighway is jammed with allegations of high tension in the city. It is being reported that the SSU was on high alert while an emergency cabinet meeting was taking place last night.

    Information leaked suggest that there was complete unanimity among the Ministers present that Richards should be fired forthwith. Now that King has been given mandates from both the State Department and his cabinet to fire Richard, what will he do? Is afraid for his life?

    We all know Richard is stupid enough to have his boys act in the heat of the moment; but King need not fear as he is guaranteed protection from the state. He should execute now so that the country can begin to return to normalcy.

  4. The whole country is being held to ransom by drug baron who the CIA/FBI believes is linked to the murder of a Scottish national. That's how far the tentacles of the St. Lucia narco-trafficking network can reach; and perhaps that's exactly what King is in mortal dread of. If the de man can kill all the way in Scotland, much less in St. Lucia.

    De man angry against King because he say that it was King who started his demise when he send Janine to the Embassy for help.

    King is no longer interested in the Prime ministership again. He has been used, abused, slapped and refused by his own men. He wanted to sit this term out so that he would retire and get his pension. He has done so successfully and he may soon begin to act like a radical. I wouldn't be surprised if he fires Bruce Tucker, too.