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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


For this year, Choiseul will make a landmark contribution of 3 millionaires to the Forbes Magazine; and if we count Tucker it will be 4. Indeed, Choiseul has 3 millionaires in the making and we will publish their names in a subsequent article later this month.

Last week, we told you about the Tucker PRO owning his own Tucker cheque book and writing cheques willy-nilly for his own self; but, let me quickly hasten to add two things: firstly, he is not on our “Forbes list”, even if he is given his own cheque book! Secondly, and as far as I am aware, those new wealthy “fellahs” are all good citizens have no links to the “narco-trafficking network from Central”. They are simply "hard core" UWP hacks bleeding the national treasury and the "Taiwanese bakery" for their own selfish gain.

In Choiseul/Saltibus, all the contract procurement regulations have been thrown into the UWP flames of injustice and only one set of contractors are the exclusive beneficiaries of the national cake. It couldn’t have been better for them; nobody else in Choiseul gets a contract but them. They have been the beneficiaries of many “million dollar contracts” for five years straight, while everybody else has been “scrunting”, especially the youth and construction workers who have now become objects of exploitation by those millionaire contractors. 

The Fiette Road works is a prime example of that inhuman exploitation of human beings for self- and political gain; and perhaps that’s why the project is now complete disaster with the sub-contractors and workers extremely worried about monies owed to them.

The engineers at the Ministry have apparently not done their work with due diligence must share the blame.

The road project started some six months and it does not look like this road is being built according to design specifications. I suspect the same engineering problems which were highlighted for the Gertrine concrete pavement will be repeated for the Fiette Road, if the designs are not changed.

The “curb side” of the road has been significantly elevated above the level of the existing road platform; and when we make allowance for sufficient “cross slope” (at least 3%), it is estimated that the road surface will be elevated by an extra foot.

The resultant elevation and the “cross slope” (which will be in one direction for the full width of the road), will lead to “ease of access” issues, especially with respect to adjacent developments. More importantly, if the “cross slope” is reduced to 1% or less, considerable damage to property can result from runoff.

The compensation events (eg access to homes, retaining walls) have not been properly thought out. Considering the depth of the drain, the access to homes is too narrow and can incur public liability.

We have been informed that the cost of Fiette Road rehabilitation is 1 million; but we remain very unclear about who is funding it and so are the sub-contractors who can't get their money.

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  1. I know 2 of the millionaires already hope to hear the other one but the 2 I know are: Jimmy Haynes and John