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Friday, April 1, 2011

Man Jailed for Beating Mother

"After enduring years of abuse at the hands of her son Tara Camilla Mohammed has called on mothers facing the same abuse to put an end to it since “it will only get worse.” Mohammed made the statement yesterday after her 27-year-old son, Shawn Blade Mohammed, was jailed for 90 days by San Fernando magistrate Alicia Chankar. He was arrested by PC Barry Moochoon and charged with beating his mother on Monday at her home in Pleasantville. He pleaded guilty to the charge. Mohammed, 57, grimaced in pain, as she advised mothers facing the same situation to “do the same thing (take it to court) and do not let it continue. I had this for years and it got worse.

“I would have been a dead woman on Monday and buried by Wednesday. I am lucky to be alive,” the visibly shaken woman said. She said for years she had been living a life of fear because “when I do not give him money I does have to run out the house. He does mash up everything.” She added: “He have to make more. For my part he could stay there (in jail) forever, for lifetime. “I am glad they take him. I fed up of the beating. Is years this going on,” the woman said as she  pointed to large marks on her left arm. The marks were caused by the blows her son rained on her. She said he used a piece of wood and a pigtail bucket to beat her.
Tara Camilla Mohammed shows her bruised arm outside the San Fernando Court yesterday. Photo: Tony Howell

“I treat him so good and this is what I get,” she said. When the matter was called in court Chankar asked the accused the reason for beating his mother. He told the court: “I ask her for $170 and she twist up she face and say she not giving me no money.” The magistrate then instructed the accused to apologise to his mother. He turned to his injured mother and said: “It hurting you? I’m sorry.” Police prosecutor Sgt Russel Ramoutar told the court around 10 pm on March 28, Mohammed was at her home when she had a dispute with her son who proceeded to beat her, causing injury to her arm and lip. She made a report at the Mon Repos Police Station.

Sometime later PC Moochoon was on mobile patrol in the Pleasantville when he saw Shawn walking along the roadway. He approached the man and told him about the report. Shawn told the police: “Boss ah really beat up meh mother.” Chankar advised Mohammed to go to the nearby Family Court to get a restraining order against Shawn and “ensure it does not happen again. You have the right to do that. You have the time now to get it done.”


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