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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


When Hon Harold Dalson told the House of Assembly that the 2011 Budget was an exercise in “QUICK QUACK”, he indeed hit the nail right on the head. After the presentations by Bousquet, Richard and Guy and the final rebuttal by Prime Minister King, St. Lucians had no doubt in their minds that the member for Soufriere was not only on course but he was also articulating a profound truism! Hon Dalson appropriately compared the Budget to St. Lucia’s wake where the Members of Parliament had assembled to pay their respects to a country killed by the long hands of malfeasance, corruption and incompetence.

A fair question now is: Is it true that the same murderers of Sir John were the same murderers of Helen? They killed the father of the nation and now they have also killed the nation! Or shall we say that they killed both "father" and "daughter"!

The story has many similarities to two of Shakespeare’s plays: “Hamlet, Prince of Denmark” and “Julius Caesar”. Perhaps, Derek Walcott should consider writing one more book: “The Trial and Murder of Sir John” or even “The Daggers of Disrespect and Dishonour that Killed the Father of the Nation”. Janine’s father’s ghost - just like Hamlet’s father’s ghost - is at large. He wants revenge for his death and the death of his daughter (Helen) by St. Lucia's notorious Super 8 gangsters. Sir John is roaming the land looking for a Hamlet to do the job for him and will not rest until he has fulfilled his mission.

In the meantime, Helen’s wake continues and the Ghost of Sir John dwells amongst us (in much sorrow and pain) in pursuit of a “Hamlet” or even a “Mark Antony" to fulfill the mission on his behalf. Yet, regardless of his doom, Tucker dabbles in QUICK QUAK and he laughs! 

Let us quickly profile three of "Tucker "Quick! Quak!" pronouncements" in the House and you can judge for yourself.

Quick! Quack! NO. 1
Tucker said: Kenny sold the sea around St. Lucia. The fisherman can no longer go to sea!

Quick! Quack! NO.2
Tucker said: In all the politicians that have served Choiseul, RUFUS HAS DONE THE MOST! If Tucker can say that, then the allegations of murder against him must also be true!

Quick! Quack! NO.3
Tucker said in the House of Assembly: He never broke his Mom’s arms. He said they were wrestling and when he gave her a “German Suplex”, she fell to the ground and broke her own arm!  

Mamuy la . . . I di Quick! . . . Quak!

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