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Friday, April 29, 2011


From day one, the PowerHouse has been lamenting on the misfortunes of Saltibus, Daban and Fond St. Jacques. With those monster showers on us, all we can do is to pray and hope for the best.

The Met Office reported that a record-breaking total of 354.4mm of rain for this month has been dumped at Hewanorra - the highest for the month of April since 1973 which recorded only 66mm.

The weather map shows signs of activity. We expect a clearance over the next day or two.

While the PM and his wife continue to lavish in Buckingham Place at our expense, some of us live in mortal dread of death because of potential geo-technical disasters which hang over our heads like the Sword of Damocles; because we do not have the resources to retrofit or relocate to safer ground, all we can do is to pray and call on the Lord for mercy and protection.

Travelling under the prevailing conditions is very risky; moreover, the Met office has predicted more bad weather until tomorrow afternoon. If the prevailing weather conditions persist, my own guess is the rainfall for this month will come pretty close to 400 mm. Given those conditions, my heart goes out to the people of Fond St. Jacques and I’m very nervous about the people of Daban and Saltibus. They have informed me that Lorne has made a few calls for feedback on the conditions on the ground and their own feelings in the circumstances. With the creative disaster management strategy he has formulated plus his overall plans for the area, there is hope for the constituents. While Tucker is busy buying votes, Lorne is constantly reviewing and refining his “community needs analyses” to help ameliorate the difficult conditions which the people of Choiseul/Saltibus are left to cope with. May God continue to give him the strength!

Further afield, we have learnt that Soufriere/Fond St. Jacques is in a state of high alert – thanks to the district rep who is taking no chances. The Soufriere River overflowed its banks and slightly changed course. To the affected residents, it was like Tomas revisiting a second time. In fact, at one point it looked so bad, that Hon Dalson was exploring the option of mobilizing for possible evacuation; but God put a hand and the water receded slightly. He risk his own life to be with his constituents at Fond St. Jacques where he had a close shave as the river overflowed over the Bridge by Raymond’s Disco where he was trapped there for hours.

Hon Dalson is on record warning the authorities of the impending disasters in Soufriere and Fond St. Jacques; but they do not seem to care.

While Hon Dalson demonstrated admirable heroism and courage for the safety of his people, Chastenet was comfortably ensconced in his air-conditioned office. More and more, the people of Fond St. Jacques are beginning to see the true colours of this poster boy. Not too long ago, he was berating the UK for an Airport Passenger Departure (APD) tax and now the same thing has been implemented in St. Lucia (an additional $94 tax to enter or depart the country). What hypocrisy!

There is also news that the new Anse La Raye Bridge was impassable earlier. However, all of the “Cost-overrun” bridges from Soufriere to Black Bay passed the Hurricane Tomas Test with flying colours. They are as solid as a rock! River Doree is perhaps the best bridge ever built in St. Lucia. Thanks to “Cost overruns”.

We also understand that the Bexon River overflowed its banks; that’s what happens when timely de-silting is not done.

Castries, watch out! I hope the Parish Drains were unclogged and properly de-silted. Otherwise, you may be in serious trouble.

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