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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Dr Anthony will announce his Cabinet later today. He has 11 talented MPs to work with him, each being blessed with specialized expertise.

Emma and Phillip are veritable powerhouses with proven track records; but are Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport the ideal portfolios for Phillip? Is it a temporary assignment?

Verified competencies

Every SLP MP is blessed with verified competencies, ranging from bachelor's to doctoral degrees. In fact, most MPs have had exposure at the graduate or post graduate level; hence, they are equipped with the academic/intellectual tools to provide effective policy leadership at the agency and cabinet levels.

Unlike the previous administration, I do not expect Ministers to micromanage ministerial or constituency projects; but rather to implement “best practices” in governance within the framework of the principles of devolution and delegation.  It was atrocious to see the previous Minister for the Public Service on a rampage in the public service, either saturating his ministerial portfolios with political appointees or scrutinizing every public service appointment for “political correctness”. His tenure as the Minister can be equated to “the dark days” in the Public Service and St. Lucia can't bear another stint of that type of naked malfeasance.

Demonstrated competencies

All government MPs also have demonstrated competencies, having performed with a measure of distinction in their field of expertise.

Dalson was an excellent business educator, school principal and community worker/organizer with admirable management experience. Through his involvement in the Soufriere Foundation, STC, St. Lucia Tourist Board, he helped to reshape a new direction for Soufriere. 

Having worked with on a few academic assignments at the graduate/masters level, I can certify Mr Dalson's academic achievement, which was so obvious in his contributions in the House of Assembly debates where he generally overwhelmed his opponents with clinical and well-organised discourse mixed with wit but also maintaining a logical core. He is a good candidate for the Minister of Social Transformation and Local Government.

Although Lorne is a lawyer by profession, he also has a propensity for the Arts. He is a former sports administrator who is very versed in several sporting discipline. He served as the Chairman of Sports St. Lucia Inc.

Lorne is a multi-talented and has excellent oratorical and analytical skills and he is a good nominee for Minister for Justice, Minister for Education or Tourism; but to me, he is an ideal candidate for the Ministry of Youth, Sports and the Creative Arts.

Robert should be either Minister for National Security or Education; my preference would be the latter.

Moses "Musa" Jn Baptiste is my obvious choice for Minister for Agriculture and I expect Alva to hold the Civil Aviation portfolio.

Emma will be a true asset to this government; she has admirable expertise in management and finance and in that context may be an excellent choice for minister for Finance; she could also be a candidate for Economic planning, National Development; or would Kenny reach out to d’Auvergne, make him a senator and assign those portfolios to him?

Alvina is also a good choice for Social Transformation and Gender.

Unfortunately, one has to fill the deputy Speaker position and I recommend young Shawn Edwards.

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