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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


The breakthroughs in the murder of 23 year-old Crystal St. Omer and the daring “Diamond Fall” daylight robbery in Soufriere are two major feathers in the Police cap; and even the Prime Minister could not help but commend them for those “achievements”. But that must not drive the police into a false sense of complacency! Their work is undeniably challenging and can even be considered to some extent to be insurmountable, as the criminals in their desperation continue to be more daring and more creative. But whatever happens, we must strive to keep them on the run forever!

After returning from a boat ride, Crystal St. Omer was murdered in cold blood by a masked gunman near the Pointe Seraphine car park. The police have since then arrested a suspect (Nathan “Q” Duncan of Grass Street) who was also wanted by authorities in connection with a number of serious crimes. According to press reports, the suspect has a string of criminal records including murder, attempted murder and robbery.

Grass Street seems to have become a sanctuary for inner city criminals.

The Diamond Fall robbery happened in Soufriere on Friday April 12, when 13 out of group of 40 tourists from a Celebrity Cruise ship who were touring Soufriere were ambushed and robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight by a gang of criminals who hid in the bush thicket at the Diamond Falls, Soufriere.

Independent sources indicated that the incident which sent shockwaves through the community and tourist industry involved an organised gang of young men from Palmiste in Soufriere who have a recurring criminal record. Not too long ago, they were implicated in the robbery of a "Cabinet" from the Jalousie Hotel.

The breakthroughs by the Royal St. Lucia Police Force are an immense tribute to their crime-fighting and detection capabilities. They should maintain that momentum and to continue their pursuit of all criminals at large. It’s time to clean our society of those dangerous elements. We can do without them!

The Anti-gang legislation - I am sure – will be an important cog in the wheel going forward.

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