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Thursday, January 9, 2014


Flambeau Activists Called To Service (FACTS)
St. Lucia

January 5th, 2014 

Mr. Allen Chastanet 
Party Leader 
United Workers Party 
Party Headquarters 
Rodney Bay 

Dear Mr. Chastanet. 

Members of recent vintage have introduced to, and subsequently infused our organization with a new and different ethos that has compromised our bedrock principles of Unity, Loyalty and Cooperation. It can be said without fear of contradiction that the United Workers Party has morphed into an organization without direction, embroiled as it is in division, materialism, internal wrangling, hierarchical disharmony and a preoccupation by a new cadre of members with position and entitlement. A laundry list of classless public confrontations and internal bullying has essentially stripped the organization of its remaining vestiges of widespread public adoration and support. 

The New leadership has seemingly mistaken a sense of frustration with the existing administration, as a surefire ticket to electoral victory, while simultaneously remaining oblivious to our obvious shortcomings. 

Activities leading up to the Party Annual Convention of 2013 and the management of the Party’s business in its aftermath have left an untold number of Party supporters appalled and disheartened. In many cases, we can describe the prevailing sentiment as one of outrage - without transgressing into exaggeration. A smug and overconfident leadership remains oblivious to the strong undercurrents of disaffection which currently render our Party unfocussed and ineffective. 

The following list is by no means exhaustive, but serves to highlight some of the major infractions without going into detail:- 

1. The newly introduced American format of island wide campaigning and the disparaging of members by members. 

2. The marginalization of long serving, long suffering and loyal delegates of the Party in a campaign intended to ensure that the outcome at the convention was favorable to a particular candidate and his team. 
The damage this has done in fermenting division and loathing amongst our supporters will be difficult to reverse. 

3. The non-existence of any hierarchical order within the organization which would allow for a structured ascension to positions of authority and decision making based on service, established loyalty, long term commitment and a proven track record of political and national service. 

4. A national convention at which outright hatred accompanied by the most disparaging of comments being leveled at Party members to the obvious delight of persons who hold positions of authority within the Party. 

5. The deepening of divisions within the organization following the Convention and the failure of the current leadership to correct this destructive development. 

6. There appears to be no clear strategy for governance. The focus remains one of consistent low value attacks on the Government accompanied by a slew of often ill-informed references to Sir John by the Party leader. 

7. No clear strategy for Opposition but rather a mish mash of irrelevant and poorly timed political comments which have exposed the soft underbelly of the Leadership. 

8. Finally, and yet again, an ongoing priority at reorganizing the Party with the objective of dismantling established and successful procedures and institutions. As experienced Party loyalist, this for us is a poorly disguised effort to cement the current leadership in its current position and establish a stranglehold on the Organization. This self-serving process has undermined our values and left many supporters disheartened and confused. 

No true UWP supporter should tolerate this situation; neither can it be allowed to fester for much longer. The Party does not control the timing of elections; and events following the Convention have left the Labour Party far more confident in their ability to salvage what was until then an unprecedented disaster in Office. The shine is now off the ball and only ability and experience will win the day. 

Noting the urgent need for reconciliation and sensible reform, a number of persons from various walks of life with a lifelong commitment to the success of our Party have formed ourselves into an organization under the rubric of FACTS- Flambeau Activists Called to Service. 

We uncompromisingly see this, not only as a call to serve our Party, but also to SAVE our Party from remaining indefinitely in the hands of anyone who neither knows, understands or is leading this Party in a sustainable way. We accept that there is need for reorganization; but not reorganization that is designed to strip the members of their democratic rights - including the right of constituency groups to choose their candidates. Not reorganization that allows a few recently minted “UWPS” with questionable motives and manufactured loyalty to obtain and retain a stranglehold on the operations of our dear Party. Not reorganization that seeks to erase the contribution of long serving members of this Party who are viewed as a threat to the narrow and soon to be exposed real objectives of a few well-disguised operatives within and without. Certainly the fifth columnists in all this will soon be brought under the spotlight of internal and public scrutiny in order to ensure political success and the long term survival of our organization. 

We believe the entire process leading up to the convention was dangerously flawed and the current situation clearly shows that we are correct. The most urgent priority of the current leadership was and remains the mending of fences and rebuilding of trust and cooperation. This has not been done and the obvious question is WHY. Why is it more important to reorganize? Moreover how can it be reasonable to reorganize without the benefit of the experience and attendant input of senior members of the organization? 

Might there be a desire to mold the organization in a particular way prior to inviting the participation of certain persons? What happens if the reorganization absents the input of persons who in subsequent conventions assume leadership positions? Do they then reorganize the reorganization? Obviously there are huge gaps in the planning process here and this is primarily due to the ongoing attempt at marginalization and the consolidation of power. It is not only short sighted; it is immature, neurotic and narcissistic! 

Clearly the repeated gaffes and apparent constitutional ignorance of persons involved in the ongoing attempts to compromise the stature and marginalize the authority of the former Prime Minister and current Leader of the Opposition are unwarranted, ill-advised and unacceptable. It is not difficult to understand the insecurities of the Political Leader given his inexperience and his obvious anxieties about finding a seat that he can win. Again, that’s comprehensible in a narrow self-serving context!  
We the FACTORS intend to assist in remedying these obvious defects that are compromising our ability at winning what should be a landslide victory in the next general election. The Leader needs a makeover - call it rebranding - and the Party desperately needs help and direction. We are here to assist through strict adherence to what has made this organization successful in the past. Our recent electoral failures were not caused by the self-serving finger pointing that has been the hallmark of those who sought to influence the thinking of Party members, but by far deeper and carefully orchestrated plans of action designed to take over our Party. 

We remain in very close communication as a group and our growing membership includes a wide array of supporters from diverse disciplines and geographic locations - most notably the established Diaspora that the Leader has so desperately sought to engage. 

Neither our values - which emanate from the traditional values of the UNITED WORKERS PARTY - or our resolve to do what is in the best interest of our Party will be diluted or in any way compromised by anyone. 

Our commitment is steadfast and the task at hand shall be completed!! 

We are watching! 

Your watchmen on the wall. 

Cc: Mr. Lenard Montoute, Deputy Leader 
 Dr. Gale Rigobert, Deputy Leader 
 Mr. Ezekiel Joseph, Chairman 
 Ms. Mary Polius, 1st
 Deputy Chairperson 
 Mr. Andy Daniel, 2nd Deputy Chairperson 
 Mr. Oswald Augustin, General Secretary 

 Branch Chairpersons 

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