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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


I have a question for the National Security Minister: Why does he seemingly reject the CARICOM Implementing Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS) but embraces the Regional Security System (RSS) which both fall under his portfolio of National Security?

Will his “dichotomous position” undermine and compromise his local effectiveness and his regional credibility?

I will not endeavour to lecture the minister on any of the sub-regional/regional initiatives of which we are signatories; he is surely well-placed to appreciate the interface between IMPACS and RSS and indeed to reconcile them; otherwise, he might well resign as Minister for our National Security.

I am however perturbed by his confusion between two vastly distinctive initiatives and by his “equation” of the two. I believe he knows better; but instead chose to play a dangerous game with our national security.

A tangential issue arising out of ORC and IMPACS is perhaps an urgent need for the re-education and perhaps “re-engineering” of our police force. He might want to begin by doing research on the interface between morality and competence in the context of the operations of the force.

And because he embraces transparency to the extent that he does, I hope he will share his findings with us. I would particularly like the research to probe how it came to the point that IMPACS which was a consequence of ORC which involved only a handful of law men has been generalised to the entire force and can so significantly erode the morale, confidence and competence of the force. I can however understand that our ineptitude and excuses in dealing with ORC led to the Leahy nightmare. It is entirely our fault!

Part of the terms of reference for the research might also be to help redefine the concept of “resource” and to seek ways to reorient the officers accordingly.

I hope the findings of the research point out that “resource” is not necessarily all muscle and physical tools/equipment as the president of the Police Welfare Association and his sympathisers would suggest. Resource also includes elements of intellectual and strategic thinking and an “intelligence” network on the ground. Indeed, it is the latter that may be most effective in the apprehension of the criminals.

The tone and drift of a seemingly tired Police Association president - along with the sudden spike in crime - suggest that we need to get the Leahy Law off our backs urgently or find an alternative for the development our police resources before it’s too late.

. . . but how can we do so when the Minister entrusted with the mandate of National Security has not observed the basics in the equation.

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