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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Forget about Mary’s rationalisations about the unconstitutionality of the petition and her insinuations about the violations of her right to free association. 

The antithesis to those manufactured rationalisations has far greater significance and also carries far greater weight.  

If she failed to appreciate that she represented her members and not herself or her narrow interest, then she needs to do some serious re-evaluation of her faculties!  With her experience and exposure to trade unionism at the highest levels, she is well placed to understand the context of the action taken by the CSA membership which is always the highest decision-making body and hence the most powerful force of the CSA – and certainly not the executive or general council.

In any case, the membership did not take away the Senator’s "freedom of association" with the UWP from her. They have not removed her as UWP Senator. Hence, the argument by the beleaguered president’s that she has been denied of her freedom or right of association crumbles under the heavy weight of its own illogic.

From the footage I viewed, it appeared that heroism of the pioneers of the petition became contagious among the "membership" that was in attendance, as suggested by the overwhelming support for the petition.


The results (if we are to go by it) suggest that trade unionism in St. Lucia has won a victory of historical proportions. Moreover, it is my view that the heroes who piloted that victory deserve honour for rescuing the CSA from the jaws of the UWP. Young Barthelmy Fedee, veterans Oliver Lawrence and Kingsley St. Hill, Cleopatra Anthony etc deserve a national round of applause for that historic initiative. They have written a new chapter of St. Lucia’s history which will recognise them as heroes.

However, the removal of the president from office does not necessarily mean that the war is over, especially if the VP (a member of the president’s inner circle who have unflinchingly supported her wearing the two caps) will be her successor. 

In the days ahead, I look forward to the executive to embark on initiatives to unite the apparently fractured membership and restore the credibility of the trade union again. I pray that the CSA does not go through that traumatic episode again.

Having said the above, I also suspect that deposed president may want to keep a flame of division burning in the CSA in pursuit of her own political agenda. I hope she proves me wrong! 

Intuitively, I don’t believe Senator Mary will challenge the verdict of the membership. I would strongly advise her against it because of the potential ripple effects. 

Finally, I applaud the CSA for a job well done. The whole country had the intellectual elites of this country under the microscope and they did not let themselves or their country down. I hope it is a lesson not just for the trade union movement but equally also for the politicians who take us for granted.

Truly, a new CSA chapter has been written into our history books.

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