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Thursday, February 5, 2015


“4000 minus 1 equals zero . . . but will 3000 minus 1 also equal zero?”

After Team Chastanet’s boast of a highly successful match (with what their in-house experts claimed to have 4000 persons in attendance), they seem to be back to “square one” again.  A single placard-holder (out of the whopping 4000 who marched) apparently reduced the much touted accrued political “gains” to a “perfect zero”.

Newton's second law of motion which states that to every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction was defied and destroyed momentarily by the sheer ferocity and intensity of the public reaction to the offensive "NIGGA" placard! In this specific instance, the sum total of the reaction seems to have far exceeded the action to the point where it may have comprehensively torpedoed the success of the match as a sleeping army of multitudes of the conscious St. Lucians was suddenly awakened from their slumber and ambivalence to “mutiny” against that horrendous insult against our human dignity and identity.  Their reaction could have also been further fueled by their disillusionment that Mr Chastanet had categorically refused to disassociate himself with that offensive "NIGGAS” placard.

The whole episode marks an unfortunate chapter in our history; in the worst case scenario, it was a potentially dangerous explosive loaded with the possibility that could even spark a civil war and I’m sure Mr Chastanet and his advisors might have on hindsight considered that possibility. Indeed, that could have easily happened in racially charged Guyana and Trinidad or historically militant Jamaica. 

Perhaps, at this time, Mr. Chastanet is doing some serious introspection and he is probably "angry" at himself for his lack of proactivity. He is probably eager to permanently erase this episode from his memory and from our history, if he could; but he has only himself to blame, for he was given the opportunity to redeem himself and he refused it.

So, what’s next? Will hurricane-strong reaction to the NICE NIGGA placard (which has caught the attention of the world) continue to increase in intensity or will it turn out to be a brief passing drizzle? 

The outcome of Round 2 may well be the decider. 

Team Chastanet’s tentacles spread “far and wide”  . . . from the UWP headquarters all the way to the bosom of the CSA! Therefore, it may be logical to assume that whatever happens at Chastanet’s headquarters will not only spill onto the streets (as was the case with the march), but may also hit the bosom of the CSA where a subset of the executive including the president are card-carrying UWP members!

If we accept that Round 1 were disastrous (on a scale of 4000:1), (whether Senator Mary was present or absent with excuse), then what will be the outcome of Round 2 scheduled for February 11 when she has to “MARCH” to the music of the CSA heroic petition?

The mathematics of Rounds 1 and 2 are not entirely dissimilar! Round 1 had a ratio of 4000:1; if the number of civil servants is 3000, then the ratio for Round 2 is 3000:1. As the CSA petitioners embark on their heroic MARCH to rescue their Union from "politicization", the question remains: will Round 1 be replicated in Round 2 with Senator Mary starring as Team Chastanet’s metaphorical placard-bearer?

Whatever the outcome, Round 2 may well be the true litmus test for the testicular fortitude widely attributed to CSA president. Has that fortitude pushed her too far in the wrong direction?

The petitioning heroes are of the seeming belief that they have a logically and morally ironclad “conflict-of –interest” case against their President turned Opposition senator; but are the moral and logical arguments enough ammunition against the UWP senator? Will their heroism be enough be good enough and strong enough to carry them past the finishing line?

Mary is the superstar in St. Lucia's first ever political Aesop fable. The question is: will her testicular fortitude be enough to enable her to keep both bones – sorry! I meant to enable her to keep the CSA Presidential cap while wearing the UWP senatorial hat?

Even before this controversy is brought to its final resolution, I urge the president CSA to reflect on the maxim that Politics is a "game" with "aims". The aim is power! The game includes manipulation, lies and deceit (among other things). 

I pray that the agenda of the UWP clique inside the CSA executive is NOT to conflate or converge the aim and game of the CSA and the UWP in their selfish pursuit of power or political patronage.

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