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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


The day of reckoning has finally arrived! Today, a clearer picture of Senator Isaac’s fate is expected to emerge; but given the complexity of the issue, my predictions on the outcome of today's proceedings will be "non-directional". Nonetheless, I will still share a few hypothetical pointers with you.

There’s the “hypothesis” that if the matter is not satisfactorily resolved, then it may end up not just in Court but also in fracturing the CSA down the middle potentially resulting in a bloc of the membership pulling out of it.

A source close to LUCELEC indicated that many of the company’s CSA members are extremely disillusioned about the implications of the “politicisation” of the CSA by the president; consequently, he alleges, the possibility of a massive withdrawal from the Trade Union (if its leadership can’t be “de-politicised” and “sanitised”) may be an option that is both imminent and real.

I have also got an unmistakable impression that there also seems to be an emerging voice in the court of public opinion calling on Senator Isaac to “come clean” and to give up one of the “conflicting caps” she wears to bring an amicable resolution to the current controversy; but she has categorically defied the call. My view is the Senator-President overtime has demonstrated that her “faculties for compromise” are secondary to her “testicular fortitude” and that she is not prepared to "go down" without a fight irrespective of the collateral damage.

A general view is Senator Mary has a "golden dream" and regardless of the collateral damage she will “fight” and “stall” until she realises her dream.

The big question is: Will a fight wearing two "heavy caps" on the same head give her an advantage? It may! With the UWP machinery behind her, she may be well-placed to benefit from her Party’s “resources” and expertise; but that it can be dangerously and thoughtlessly irresponsible for Senator Mary to "convert" this potentially explosive industrial issue into a straight case between the UWP vs the CSA.  

Equally too, the “two hats” scenario may well turn out to be a crushing dilemma which might be weighing much too heavily on Senator Mary. Indeed, there are suggestions that it may have started taking an unkind toll on her uniquely characteristic testicular fortitude. It is beginning to look like that the two hats are much too heavy for her to carry in the same "time and space".

The breach of protocol in the House yesterday (whether planned or deliberate) was a just another symptom of the Senator’s dilemma.  

My view is the petition may have rattled her and may have her running scared. The counter-petition she referenced spoke volumes of her desperation. Obviously, it was conceived to abort the petition; but it looks like it is destined to crucify the very person it was designed to help.  Further, if the petition was “unconstitutional” (as Senator Mary said), then why would the counter petition (which she embraces) be “constitutional”?

In dealing with the two rival petitions, her apparent naivety reared its ugly head again. She may have had “testicular fortitude” which may have enabled her to take the “bull by the horns”. In fact, she may be everything else she wishes to be but there are two things she may never be: strategic and diplomatic.

I fear she may well turn out to be a version of NICE-NIGGA placard bearer for the UWP again . . . this time depriving Team Chastanet from savouring the fruits of the “labour” of the “march of all marches”.

This week may well be the Senator’s worst ever on her journey to "the end of the rainbow". The Leprechauns guarding the "treasure" have risen in anguish against her! My concluding "hypothesis" is: whether she ends up winning or losing today's round, she will eventually lose both the battle and the war. 

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