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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Choiseul/Saltibus! Be warned . . . Ali Baba is back!

Over the weekend, I had a chat with a government official who expressed not just concern, but much alarm at what is happening to St. Lucia. His alarm was based on the fact that monies procured overseas by Tucker never reached the government treasury; and although those monies were never deposited, the government official claims that the intelligence available has estimated that the government treasury has being robbed of millions of dollars. 

What is even more frightening is the knowledge that those funds due and payable to the state (some of which are believed to have come from Libya, Morocco, Portugal, India, Canada and even Russia in the form of Hurricane Aid) have landed into Tucker’s private account.  (By the way, the account at the credit union has been moved elsewhere.)

The chain of events surrounding Tucker and his "ill-gotten gains" is strikingly similar to the story of Ali Baba and the forty thieves; the only difference is Ali "Tucker" Baba stolen goods are used to enrich  himself with just a few crumbs given to a circle of “old faithfuls”. For example, some of the proceeds have already gone towards the purchase a "pauche" 2-million dollar condo at the landings under the name of Mr Smith. 

Even more heartless is the wicked act of hoarding hurricane relief supplies needed by the people of Choiseul/Saltibus and St. Lucia. Tucker has allowed his constituency to suffer while the supplies donated to him for purposes of Tomas relief remain stored at the factory shells in Vieux Fort to be used as carrot and bait during the campaign.  The next government should seriously investigate that atrocious "crime against humanity" by Tucker and make him pay dearly for it. He should never have meted out such criminal wickedness to the very people who loved him so dearly and voted him into office.

Meanwhile, the Powerhouse has also been informed of the addition of a new Tucker name to his already long list of names. One of his contract partners revealed that he has also been using the name "Charles Bousquet" to camouflage his under-the-table deals. The question being asked is "how far will Tucker go to legitimize criminality?" What example is he setting for the youth? We are curious about what name will he put on the ballot paper in the coming elections.

We have received a few emails from the Powerhouse network informing us of a few developments around Choiseul/Saltibus.

One of them is an alleged statement coming from the Tucker Blog which brands the people of Choiseul/Saltibus as ignorant. The people of Choiseul/Saltibus should demand a public apology from Tucker for that insult. Tucker and his blog have no right to brand the people of Choiseul/Saltibus ignorant. It is very obvious that he has little respect for the intelligence of his constituents; and perhaps that's why he continually insults our intelligence with his Ti Canal development paradigm for the constituency which only benefits a selected few.

Now he has embarked on a campaign of extreme Bluff to deceive the youth; but what has he done for the youth? Choiseul has its highest percentage of youth unemployment ever! And the youth - especially the young girls – are helpless because of no opportunities; and it’s only now that Tucker remembers them.

Tucker is toxic and criminally radioactive. The youth should stay very far away from him. He is no role model for the young people of Choiseul/Saltibus.

It is clear that time is running out on Tucker! He can buy some of the people sometime; but he knows that he can’t buy all the people all the time – especially the young, vibrant and educated ones.

The Powerhouse calls on Tucker to stop his Ali Baba bribery and please return the State’s stolen money to the treasury before it’s too late.


  1. Why is it only at campaign time Rufus knows the youth? By the way is he the role model for the youth? Is he what we we will want our youth to follow? What has he done for the youth?

    Dedan, Why are you defending a criminal? a Duvalier who steals money from the state to campaign. That's the worst ever. he will eventually need Lorne to arrange for his bail; but trust me, he is going back to jail. I challenge you to publish your blog Stats.

    Dedan, have you become Rufus' Ali Baba. The people in your area say you too tiefing them. You will need Lorne, too!

    Gilo, Why are you and Rufus calling Choiseul people ignorant?

    Have you seen your semi-naked photo on the internet?

    Finally, why are writing all the comments by yourself? You dishonest.

  2. iheard there was a UWP youth meeting somewhere in Choiseul over the weekend and the Speaker from Balca was very impressive, I want this guy to know that Tucker has not done anything for us except for his unfinished footpath which will only benefit a few of his supporters and the people of Balca deserve better than this, so don't be fooled.

  3. Do you know that Tucker and his blog are now attacking a disabled man like Mr Faucher. Mr Faucher called him "numbskull" and he saying that Mr Faucher call Choiseul ignorant. Shame on them.

  4. Well not only mr Faucher , but they are also accusing people of commenting on their blog. They accused a young lady of commenting on their blog, but the response she sent to them i am certain they will not publish it. Shame on their blogs. Bunch of losers

  5. It seems that accusations are the campaign strategy of the Bousquet camp. They have done it before and plan on doing it again. Dirty someone else but claim innocence. They are all over the constituency calling Lorne a rapist amongst other things. Lorne better be strong, because it will only get worse. The people of Choiseul are tired of this type of campaign and people and we want Lorne to make a difference. I advise that you forget Rufus and Gillo and focus on your constituency and developing it. Victory will be yours in the end.